Wobblers for autumn pike

Wobblers for autumn pikeIndian summer time – the traditional time for fishing a predator with a spinning reel, including pike. The water has not cooled too much, the fish mainly adheres to the summer model of behavior and stands in its summer camps. One of the most catching lures in this period may be a wobbler. In our review, we will talk about several models of wobblers that showed themselves well precisely in the autumn pike. All models are personally tested by the author on real fishing trips.

Yo-Zuri 3D Popper

Floating, length 65 mm, weight 7 g. This is one of the most famous and catchy poppers. It can be fully called universal: it can catch both a hundred-perch perch and a pike weighing several kilograms. For asp, this is generally one of the best surface baits, with the optimal combination of size, range, and subtlety. For the pike of the Lower Volga or Akhtuba, this popper, of course, is small, but for the ponds of the near Moscow region and in general the middle strip, the size of the bait is quite “pike”. The popper is equipped with two No. 5 tees according to international numbering, the back is equipped with an edge from a white feather with lurex. The quality of the hooks is not bad, but if there is a desire to replace them with sharper ones, it should be borne in mind that hooks of a different weight can disrupt the balance of the bait and ruin its game.

The manufacturer offers several 3D Popper colors, however, for a popper, the color is even less important than for other spinning lures, but the brightly colored “patch” of this popper is very important for visual inspection and proper wiring. There is a “rattle” – a camera with balls. Her sound, however, is rather muffled, and her main purpose is to increase the range of the bait. The described model stands out among other poppers with its range. This is often necessary, especially when fishing with powerful pike gear, when the bait is not able to properly load the rod.

Having fallen into the water, the popper occupies an almost vertical position, showing about half of the "patch" of water. After a jerk with the tip of a spinning rod, it turns 90 degrees downward, emitting a juicy “gurgle”. When posting after the next jerk, you need to wait for the popper to calm down and take upright position. If you do not wait for this moment, the bait will splatter and slurp, making sounds similar to feeding perch at the surface. Both types of postings attract fish. The choice of the number and strength of jerks and the duration of pauses depends on the specific situation on the pond. One of the most universal postings is 3-4 jerk lures and a second pause.

Rapala Jointed J-09

Floating, length 90 mm, weight – 7 g. Ageless classic from Rapala. True, now in stores it can be found infrequently, but if it comes across – the purchase will be entirely justified. For shallow water and active pike, the bait is very catchy, although it is more difficult to catch some other fish on it. Armament – two tees, designated by the manufacturer as No. 5. But this is according to the Finnish numbering. The distance between the tip and the forend of the hook is 9 mm, which corresponds to tee No. 2 according to international numbering. This must be taken into account if there is a desire to replace the regular VMC tees with something else. The colors are offered a variety of, from realistic to exotic. In autumn, in middle-water ponds, baits of soft natural colors, for example S, P or PK, show themselves better.

The wobbler is made of balsa, very light for its size. Like all wooden wobblers, the J-09 is not equipped with any additional rattles or tools to increase casting distance. Due to the low weight with significant dimensions, the wobbler is thrown very mediocre. Of all the review models, this is the most “non-volatile”. But this is more than offset by the subtlety of the bait. The game of the wobbler is very active: already at the slowest speed, it begins to vibrate intensively with the whole body from side to side. In autumn, it’s better not to overdo it and post the wobbler at an extremely slow pace, possibly with pauses. At pauses, the wobbler pops up quite quickly, while its rear part rotates 90 degrees in a vertical plane relative to the front.

Despite the deepening of 0.9-4.2 m declared on the manufacturer’s website, it’s unlikely that it will be possible to deepen this bait by more than half a meter with a fishing line diameter characteristic of pike and a short throw. The most working horizon is about 20 cm from the surface. From here follows the main scope of its application – fishing for active pike in shallow and grassy places, especially when the grass does not reach the water surface by 20-30 cm.

Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow 90F

Floating, length 90 mm, weight 7.5 g. Typical representative of wobbler minnows from Yo-Zuri. Available in several sizes. Smaller ones work better on perch and chub, but the model under discussion is already quite a pike option. Of all the Yo-Zuri mines, the Crystal Minnow series is perhaps the most common, and there should be no problem buying this wobbler. In addition to the floating model, sinking and suspenders are also available. The bait is equipped with two tees No. 6, apparently of the “marine” series and not too sharp. It is better to replace them right away – a good margin of buoyancy of the wobbler makes it easy to choose suitable tees without risking upsetting the balance and game of the bait. Crystal Minnow has a rattle with several balls. They do not affect the casting distance. Nevertheless, the wobbler flies well, not inferior in this respect to most other mines of this size. All wobblers of the series have characteristic “rainbow” colors that make them noticeable for fish even in muddy water and in cloudy weather.

Wobblers-minnou – baits are mostly jerky, devoid of their own game. Crystal Minnow is a nice exception. He plays very actively, shifting from side to side, and with monotonous winding. Therefore, you can catch it with a variety of types of postings – uniform, stop & go, twitching. The choice depends on the activity and preferences of the fish at the moment. When twitching, the wobbler goes from side to side in a narrow corridor, while at the same time digging a bit with each jerk. Autumn pike sometimes reacts better to just such a behavior of the bait, and not to the typical mine wagging from side to side.

Tsuribito Minnow 110F

Floating, length 110 mm, weight – 10.7 g. The model appeared on the shelves only at the beginning of this fall, but according to the results of several fishing trips, it can already be classified as very promising. Of all the lures of the review, this model is most oriented to pike fishing. If all previous wobblers can be expected to bite perch or pike perch, then Minnow 110F – emphasized pike bait. Nevertheless, its size is such that for other species of fish it is unlikely to become an object of attack. But for pike, especially in the fall, when she switches to food with larger prey – just right. The wobbler has two tees No. 3, of quite acceptable quality for lures of this price category. You might consider replacing them with thicker wire hooks, thus turning your wobbler into a suspender. There is a magnetic balancing system, playing at the same time the role of a rattle. This rattle is precisely "pike": several large balls that make low-frequency sounds.

The range of colors for the wobblers of this model is quite wide, there are both natural colors and acidic ones, which can sometimes help stir up a not too active fish. In addition, wobblers of bright colors are easier to observe and visually control the wiring. Despite the traditional geometry and size of the blade for the mine, the wobbler has its own game and can, if necessary, work on uniform wiring. On twitching, the wobbler walks widely, which is not bad for catching an active predator. At the speeds of movement characteristic of autumn pike fishing, the wobbler goes about half a meter from the surface. To drive it to the maximum depth for the model, you need to use a thin fishing line and “aggressive” animation with a high speed of posting.

This model, like the Rapala Jointed, is good to use at shallow depths and above the grass, and not only when fishing for an active predator, but also in much more common situations where the pike is passive and not configured to attack too noisy baits. For targeted fishing for pike weighing 2 kg or more, perhaps a larger model from the same manufacturer – Tsuribito Minnow 130F is also useful.

author Alexey VETROV


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