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What to do when you want to catch perch but don’t know where to go and what type of fishing? Mikrojig recently, and wanted to go there, but with ultralight and small wobblers. Moreover, the water arrived and just at the reed wall there will be depths of 1-1.5 meters, what is needed for wobblers and the predator will just be pressed to the shore. The road along the pond is long, gathered gear, lures, and delicious for a snack.

He assembled a spinning rod for such purposes Pontoon 21 Gad Gancho 602ULF, since the clear water very equipped the sprutovsky Shigu 70F wobbler in RH colors and began to check the coastal zone. The perch did not betray itself and the pike also did not chase the fry, checking point by point, moving further and further. In one place it is clear that there is a flock of shallow fry, which means that there must be a predator. Casting, wiring in short sharp jerks and a wobbler scouring the sides, and the perch attacks, but he is alone.

Another place, the wiring is the same again, the perch attacks, but it is still the same from the point and then no matter how many casts it does not hit, it somehow behaves strangely today. Maybe it’s just not his time yet, usually he activates here after 12 hours.

Then he walked a long time until the end of the canal and all that managed to catch this old rakolovka with a brush and a frog inside, freed the captives and set off on. Another thing upsets a large number of nets, and no one but fishermen is struggling with pulling and destroying it whenever possible.

Having reached the farthest end of the canal, he simply stood and admired the beauty, the calm and smooth water reflecting the cloudy sky in itself, it was fascinating, and the city bustle somewhere far away and it was so good to be near the water.

The return trip is already on the opposite bank. I decided to have a bite to eat and to think what was wrong and why the perch seems to be there and it seems that there is none, it’s not a special one. Since the pike is not active, it removed the titanium leash and tied a fluor with a diameter of 0.3 mm. He began to catch a place and from one point on the spot managed to catch several different sized perches.

The return trip was faster since it did not stop at the point for a long time, 2-3 castings on the sides and again on the road. Active perch will show itself, but there is no passive stand and torture. The last perch was seduced at pre-sunset time, after there was no blow. On this and finished catching, went on a long journey to the car.

Amanda K. Benson

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