Winter Lake in Kamchatka

I thought for a long time how to arrange this message in the format of West Siberian fishermen. I often think about it, but I don’t come to any result. Posted a couple of trivial photos. Received an ambiguous response. Either work on the image or not stick out. But, working on the image is a bit late. The sixth dozen ends. And do not lean out, but for God's sake. But I lived in Novosibirsk, year 3. Almost hometown. And the student wrote on Petenevsky marbles. By those

Metro finish. Almost, damn it, your own. But this is not about that. It's about fishing.

Lake fishing in February.

This is not to say that Two-yurt is one of the easily accessible. There are closer. For example, Vilyuy, but you need a pass to ZATO. There is Kalygir, but there is only a disgusting smelt. There is Sokochinsky, but it is small and not captured. There is Nachikinskoye with

unpredictable biting. There are many things, but everywhere there is a "but." Two-yurt, that’s it. Moreover, the two previous years I could not get there because of work.

This time it has grown together. Two days of vacation (rooted from the employer) plus holidays.

We left after the second corporate party (I managed to attend two). It was from the 21st to the 22nd, I don’t remember when, but it was Friday before the holidays and it was dark. Despite the turbid consciousness, he left nothing at home. We arrived in the dark, but on the verge of dawn. The only thing we had was to sleep a couple of hours.

In the morning, breakfast, fees and more. Moved forward at 11, three crews. There are three snowmobiles with sledges in trailers. We reached the lumberjack camp in an hour. We loaded and tied three sledges and forward. The first stop in a clearing named tundra tract Pyotr Fedorovich. It’s after 16 kilometers. I traveled at the forefront. We are waiting. After 10 minutes, the second arrived, but the third is still gone. After another 30 minutes of waiting, we went to find out the reason for the delay. Found out. A failure of the electronics or even the hell knows that. There is nothing to do, we overload the shmurdyak and six people from three units to two. I settle on the back of the sled (like a young and healthy). “Having gained” in the first attempt on the head with all sorts of drifts flying past, I was on the alert. Habitually balancing on the ends of runners, we can say, I enjoyed flickering surroundings. The low flying sun made the snow look like a zebra, an infinitely long zebra. The isra of light and shadow fascinated, brought into a transboundary state. A couple of slap-blows by flying branches returned me to the ground (I didn’t fall out well). Increasingly, individual tracks and entire paths left by local animals began to come across. Hare, wolf, wolverine, fox, otter, elk, sable and others. On the next gentle slope, we have the "next" accident. Lost another hour for repairs. So we did not escape the darkness. A significant part of the journey traveled along the riverbed flowing from the coveted lake. Frost stood twentieth, there was no ice. Hares began to run out under the headlights. At first it aroused keen interest, but then this fussiness began to tire. A couple of times I almost ran into a partridge, but there were no accidents. We had food, therefore, they dispersed in peace. Last

kilometers in front of the lake were the most difficult. A typical water-glacial relief consisted of hills, craters and ravines, overgrown with shrubs and crooked birch trees. Several times, either the previous snowmobile or its sledges fell over.

I had to fly half asleep to help. When we arrived at the lake, I refused to believe in the speedy end of the journey, but after 6 km we stopped.

Placed quickly and without problems. The rest of the night we had dinner and a good night's rest. I tested my synthetic winter sleeping bag. With the declared -8, I slept well, and this is at -20-25 ° C (a little secret).

It was morning on February 23rd. Frost and the brightest mountain sun, no wind. They celebrated Army and Navy Day and drove to famous points to try their luck. It pecked in almost every hole. Sooner or later. We did not feed anything (well, not rednecks we). The most remarkable were, of course, orange lake with pink spots. We’ve taken it abruptly from the place, “Holiday nevertheless. We dug depths from 2 to 10 m. Caught from the bottom to half past half. I caught Krusider and Chinok from Daiva on the swings.

(18-25 g). Coloring nickel, brass with a bright pattern. Full-time tees, fishing line 0.35, minimum and ordinary winter telescopic fishing rod. It was not superfluous to equip the tee with a small piece of char meat, for example, a fin. With those horse bites it wasn’t worth it. Add on the bait. Here is a photo of "TOP". It turns out the range is 13-17 g. I tried cicadas and twisters are different. My first ones worked well on similar fish from the bottom at depths of up to 3 meters. Everything pecked. fish, apparently, were delighted with the vibration. The twisters were catching the perfect (in size), but in a clear course, when it was not possible to “ground” the bait. None of this worked on the lake. Rotators like Blufoks and Mepps, which noticeably activated biting on the rivers, also did not work. The oscillator drives, even the ancient Soviet one, such as Sheksna, Atom-2, and the like from a pike set from an old cardboard box. He lowered the echo sounder, but in addition to the "cardiogram" from the spinner dancing above the bottom, he did not see anything. The char, like a vigorous torpedo, flew from outside the beam and ate

lure. So all that remained was the coordinates of some fishing points, with depths and the nature of the bottom. By the way, Deeper PRO + was the echo sounder. The device is good and I really like it. I have been using it for several years both on the submarine and in open water. At sea, in rivers and lakes. Compiled local depth maps. Everything suits me. Although, the depths where it is caught, it marks. There is a capture in the photo, but I did not recognize the fish (although I removed it from a spinner). With smelt, everything is simpler, as with pink salmon in the sea and coho salmon in the river. Will learn.

The day of exploratory fishing has come to an end. As a result, they caught about a hundred kg of fish, but there were no trophies. from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. After peppermint smelt in suburban ponds and these were trophies. Yes, all the holes were drilled with an ice drill for about 150.

A remarkable feature of the base where we stayed was the presence of a small (4×4) pool with thermal water. The water temperature in frost is around 37 °, with warming, somewhat over 40 °. After fishing, the pool under the open starry sky, the continuation of the holiday and overnight. It was colder than the other day, but the sleeping bag managed.

24 February. In the morning we reached for the unsuccessful and again to the lake. Frost retreated slightly. On the horizon began to appear signs of an approaching cyclone. In addition to some of yesterday, checked out new places. Alas broke

motorized ice drill and we split into two crews. Holes were made semi-sports weaving (the second crew had 130). Here I am tormented. In one place "popper" krupnyak. The one that I dreamed about. Some specimens with great difficulty managed to squeeze into the hole. There were annoying gatherings. One "pig", rolled up his sleeve, pulled out with his bare hand. It was like uncorking wine, with the same efforts and sounds, just a fountain from a hole. Emotions? How to describe them? They were like that fountain of water from a hole. They were probably similar to those when I fished out a meter-long char on spinning spinning on Left Forest. But then I was alone and without a photo. And now with two spectators, advice from all sides, with congratulations. Wow!

The day ended with a bang. Almost everyone made their dreams come true. How are we? The partner caught a worthy instance, and everyone is happy. It just so happened. Otherwise, why should we get stuck in a "flock", somewhere to saw, catch and envy each other.

The next day, having gathered slowly, before noon we set off on the return trip. Rare snow fell, without wind, noticeably warmer. Open water appeared on the river. Fortunately, they did not fly into the ice. We stopped to visit the grayling. I was lucky to have caught 3 or 4 worthy specimens. There was still kunja. The comrades also caught something (mykizha), but this is not mine. We arrived in the dark, but without incident, with only a few minor abrasions on individual faces. The road took about 6 hours. Almost flew by.

Well, that's all. Further on as usual: Keys-overnight, Petropavlovsk, work, distribution of fish.

In this: #good news I’m not participating, still nothing shines, and Dipper is already there. Just for reading.



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