Winter fishing rotan. Part 2

Winter fishing rotan. Part 2In the “puddles” with a great lack of oxygen under the ice, fishing is often divided into two stages. First, you drill a rather long series of holes, focusing on the snags, algae and the relief of the reservoir. Then, one by one, you start to play baubles or mormys in turn, but not from the very bottom, as when catching another winter fish, but from a level of 12-15 cm. To this height, bites are extremely rare. Most often, the length of the wiring is only 10 cm, i.e. the highest level to which I bring the bait is 25 cm. And so, wandering around the pond from point to point, here and there you see a rare bite, and when you return to drilled holes in a new circle, the rotan begins to take right from under the edge of the ice, and, moreover, one by one. This picture, I repeat, is often observed in heavily overgrown “puddles”, where the death of algae causes a lack of oxygen in the water. Through the hole the air is in contact with water, it starts to saturate with oxygen at this place, rotan feels this and rises up. Therefore, the hole can not be sprinkled with snow.

At the second stage of fishing, when rotan becomes near the surface, in general, there is no need for any game – just put the bait under the ice – just a bite. True, in this case there is no most interesting process – vyvazhivaniya, but this is the style of catching on non-flowing "puddles". Interestingly, some of them are so clogged with rotan, and sometimes large, that some anglers literally prepare it in kilograms. And for this they use winter float fishing rods with rather coarse rigging and even sticks. Yes, yes, on one pond near Moscow, I saw a local charging a teether with a decent shmat of chicken meat and periodically pulling out rotanes — more fun! The depth of fishing on “puddles” mainly fluctuates between 0.5-1.5 m, and in the more oxygen-saturated water bodies we had to catch rotan at depths of up to 3 m.

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It is also important to take into account the fact that medium and large rotan is very afraid of noise. Therefore, if you want to be with the catch, the holes must be bypassed very quietly. When choosing a place, a crowd of anglers must be avoided, as the tramp of the feet and the creaking of fishing boxes on the ice will inevitably force rotan away from the chosen place. That my friend with whom we traveled under Polubarskoe does not let anyone close to his holes. By the way, he sometimes uses dried animal blood to attract rotan to the fishing spot, he says, it helps, but I try not to use any baits. Conducting a brief overview of some of the reservoirs near Moscow, in which rotan is successfully caught, I can say that, for example, in Zhestovsky backwater there were years when I caught him throughout the winter. There is no need to run around when searching for this fish. Found a nice penny and catch it. Visitors and local fishermen use mainly fishing pole with a nod and an ordinary mormyshka. The result depends on the weather. Nibble usually improves in thaw.

The presence of rotan in the pond is highly dependent on the presence of pike in it. There are reservoirs in which rotan almost completely disappears, because pike progresses in it. When the amount of pike begins to prevail, it quickly eats away rotana. So on the once famous large rotan pond next to the railway. At Fryazino-Tovarnaya station (Fryazino, Moscow Region), this fish completely disappeared, because a sufficient amount of pike appeared in it. When we were fishing there with pervyediyu toothy on the toes, we had to use rotan for bait to go to the pond in Saburovo, located in the same area, but far enough. Having poured a sufficient amount of live bait, we returned to the station and successfully caught pike. On rotan she takes in this pond flawlessly.

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The village Orlovka Schelkovskogo district of the Moscow region is a reservoir, which consists of two interconnected quarries from which sand was once mined. This is the so-called Oryol career. The bottom relief in a reservoir is characterized by the fact that one side is very deep and the other is extensive shallow water. The shallow water in the summer is overgrown with algae, in particular a lot of uruti. Uruti is attractive to fish because various aquatic larvae and other organisms breed well on it. In the summer in continuous thickets of grass catching rotan is not easy, but when it becomes ice, the alga falls to the bottom, and the delicate vibrations of horizontal spinners or mormys quickly attract him to the bait. Fishing on the Oryol quarries is quite mined.

In addition, not so long ago, peat checks near Briket were very famous for rotan. The settlement is located to the right of the road, if you go from the item Novopetrovskoe (Riga Highway) towards the Ozerninsky reservoir. Not far away is the lake Trostenskoe. At one time, these checks had so much rotan that local fishermen froze it for the winter with dozens of kilograms.

Returning to the pond named at the beginning of the article near Polubarskoye village, I note that local fishermen, who used to go for good fish in the early morning, to the Rybinsk reservoir, not too far from those places, have been visited so often lately, just because they are not perched on the perch and plotchiki near the house, but the real rotan giants. These boars mainly show their activity in the thaw, and they should be looked for in the area of ​​the dam. Directions: on the Yaroslavl highway to Sergiev Posad, in Sergiev Posad to the left towards the village of Deulino, Mishutino, Selkovo, Fedortsevo, then after the bridge to the right to the village of Polubarskoye.

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As for the backwaters and floodplain flood lakes, in some of them a lot of rotan has also been bred. Somehow I accidentally managed to find one such “puddle” in the Oka floodplain overgrown with bushes in the summer. I came here by wild frost and very successfully caught rotan. True, there were no too large fish, mostly there were specimens weighing up to 200 g. In general, catching rotan is a fascinating thing. A friend told me that he had one friend angler who in winter specializes only in catching large rotan and perch and other fish does not interest him, since only rotan and perch like him for their taste. Indeed, properly cooked rotan is very tasty. It is especially good stewed in tomato sauce. And if you fry it, you don’t even need to chew it: the bones easily exfoliate, and the tender meat literally melts in your mouth. I love roast carp very much, but rotan is even tastier.

author: Goryainov AG
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