Winter fishing for grayling: looking for a place and prepare tackle

In winter, small and clean rivers, it is possible to meet such interesting and beautiful fish like grayling. There are several subspecies of this fish, and its main characteristic should be considered a sufficiently large and eye-catching dorsal fin. Back and sides grayish, paired fins dull orange. This files most often caught specimens weighing 400-600 grams.

The content of the article:

  • Where and when to catch?
  • Tackle and bait for grayling in the winter
  • There is a perception that the fish in winter is almost impossible to find, all of it migrates, but this is not true, part of it is winter at a depth near the pits and rifts. So, try to figure out where to look and what to fish for grayling.

    Where and when to catch?

    To determine with accuracy the place of catching of this fish is only possible after a detailed study of the reservoir, and this should be done preferably before the winter. And if you then found a few pits teeming with grayling, and in winter should go to these areas. Moreover, the concentration of this fish in the pits most likely to find at the mouth of a small river, which flows into a large pond. There are several reasons: more treats and more oxygen.

    Once a site is selected and the hole is ready (about how to drill the hole read here), it is not necessary to pour any solid foods, just give yourself some time to calm down the fish. And these minutes are spent on something useful or interesting: pofotografirovat surrounding beauty, eat home-cooked delicious sandwich and then drink down his hot tea. After that, you can begin the fishing.

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    By the way, the more holes you have prepared, the more likely it is to return home with their catch. Moreover, drilling is better on the borders of the various bottom irregularities near the jet over. Take into account the distance between the holes – it should not be less than 30-40 cm