Will you bite?

Will you bite?

Greetings colleagues!

The report was a little late, the work has begun, please understand and forgive

The last weekend before working days was devoted to finding green and toothy fish! Leaving the water early in the morning, I began to examine a section of the reservoir that I knew well enough for angry and hungry pikes.

Imagine my surprise when, in my usual place, I did not find a snag, which until this day almost always brought one person on duty, not always a large, but, nevertheless, pike. But what happened? After all, the water level did not rise, it falls. Where is the tree that has been lying here for more than one season? The answer was on the surface: some trolling guys were swimming at a distance, and they said that last night they caught a hook here with two rods, and they pulled out a large piece of half-rotten wood! But!

There is nothing to do, I move closer to a more monumental tree trunk, something you can’t pick out with a ship, I start fishing. On the second or third drive, I get a hook where it was not born. The torn piece of driftwood was carried downstream, and planted in a new place … A new penny with driftwood at a decent (about 5 meters) depth – isn’t this a promising place?

And I thought so, and, mounted on an offset hook (before that I used a jig head), began to rinse the bait in this place, simultaneously realizing how it lies, where the new shelter looks, when suddenly, on one of the wires I get a kick on the bait. Not a bite, but a kick. The fish either butted or pushed the bait, but did not seize. Why? A question that has yet to be answered.

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Continuing to rinse and sort out the baits, I did not notice how it was noon, and in my asset there was not a single distinct bite. Is on strike? Displaced? Wary? Scared by trollers? Gone are the tricks? Something was clearly not right, not as usual, the fish ignored the bait … Or did it leave?

I decide to change the four-inch easy-shiner for something that the fish hardly saw. I put in a five-inch TURBO twister from RELAX, and on the second wire I get a bad bite! Bang bang! Hooking! The fish accepts an attempt to turn around and go under the tree branches, but in vain. Where are you, mother? Mescalito made me understand that even three times larger fish would not have succeeded. Thanks to the powerful butt of the rod, I boldly turn the fish to the shore, and the resilient but lively upper part of the blank, damping its jerks, does not give it a hint of slack, simultaneously winding it out.

A minute later, the toothy fighting autumn beauty had already posed for the camera, and a minute later she had already gone to her own place, to have a meal with gape of linen.

The exit started, flashed through my head? and, after 30 seconds I was bandaging, whether fishing in such strong places is not okay

But, to my habit, I did not use the bait that worked the last time, but put on another bait in a similar color, a vibrotail. And again – the fish died out

Was the exit short-lived, or am I doing something wrong? Changing the bait, I stop at the turbo again. And again, on a smooth, lingering rise, I get a resounding blessing! I cut, floundering for a short time, and a small, angry river dog poses for me again. Hmm … So what? I didn’t understand anything! A couple more turbos, and on the next, hit the leash … Turbo today is clearly in favor with the pike! Another wire, another miss, the knocked down bait exposes the sting of the hook and the toe

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I open the box, but there is no turbo, it’s over, okay, the catering is our everything! Although, in my heart I do not believe that it will bring a bite, is it not a turbo? But, surprisingly, I get a bite on the demolition wiring. Is it a way out? Or did you manage to provoke her with your previous actions? Or has your appetite changed? Why is it small again? Or is there a large one already?

One pity – on the offset when fishing for pike, Japanese silicone does not last long (

While the point is, dressings, photo shoots and so on, a strong wind rises, somehow quite suddenly, after almost calm, it sharply changes direction and blows from the side …

I change the setting, at the same time enlarge the bait, put a vibrotail of the avaruna type, in the size of 5.5 “. A heavy load, the wind needs to be broken through and have at least some feedback. It was as if a slab had been hooked on the end! Well, you can’t move it at all! Trophy ?! Finally! And how to get it? Okay, a tear, for such a lady! A couple more moments and … a small knotty and obviously very starving lace, after a bite, managed to rest his head against either the grass or the snag, pleased the old man

Quickly bringing out the fish, photographed it, and sent it to his own. The rising squally wind finally ruined the fishing. There is nothing to do, it’s time to go home, get ready for workdays!

Inst: orenangler

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Good luck to everyone and release the fish more often, then the trophies will delight us more often!

Cast (tackle):

Spinning Maximus Mescalito 802mh,

Shimano 20 twin power 4000 reel,

Cord Daiwa morethan durasensor 8 braid 1.0pe