I sit means such at work. I think … There is an extra hour after work. Mormo is already tired, you need to even change.

The thought comes, and not whether to go catch a white predator on a spinner. There is a place, the box has been equipped for a long time, the reel with spinning too.

As a result, we stand with Misha collecting spinning rods on a stone bank on the river. Don. While they were gathered, bursts were heard. This spurred even more quickly knit a leash and go catching.

I go to the water, I see two half-fish, a fish-eater, I don’t even know what to call it, a getter … Fish traps are thrown, precisely those that constantly shine in advertising on social networks. We decided not to spoil our mood, not to start swearing, but still could not resist and talked a little with one. The result, he left, but soon his friend came to the same place and continued to do something incomprehensible.

According to the plan, the process of fishing in the wade. Catch exclusively upstream. I make the first casts. As it turned out, I hit the bait the first time. I put the lure LureMax Hoyt 4g and on the second cast the first, but idle bite.

The place is unique. There is a small pit near the coast with a relatively weak current, the bottom can be said to be flat, because there were no any outcrops on the surface. Further, a longitudinal stone ridge, on the one hand a clear drop, on the second – a paid bias towards the opposite bank and there is already a small pit. On the ridge itself there is vegetation. As a result of such a relief, we have a weak current on one side, then some Burchalovo near and then such a good stream of water. I am walking slowly against the stream and casting in front of me either on one side of the grass or on the second side. I try to move so as not to create noise.

Casting, biting is the first tail. The size of course is rather weak, but the bite is fire. Gradually I move and again bite, a powerful blow and a medium-sized chub jumps out of the water and at that moment leaves. Adrenaline rolls over.


At one of the casts, I noticed a moment, before a bite in the bait area, a splash occurred beforehand, which made it clear that the fish had turned around and there would be an attack of the bait.

As soon as this all happened, a bite followed. The preliminary understanding that it was he who was going to be right now spurred him even more …

The second fish did not have to wait long. It was enough 5-7 casts and the asp is already landing. Size again, I would like more. A couple of photos and let him go, so as not to torment.


The next blow was after a couple of casts. The bite cycle, past, bite, eat, bite, gathering continued throughout the fishing. Someone will say, “But what about castings, without any hint of fish … Of course, there were nowhere without it.”


According to the results of fishing, we can say so, fishing was a success. For an hour and a half – 6 tails, from which 5 zheresh. There are just a huge number of idle bites, it could not do without gatherings either, there were still a couple. The largest flew almost at dusk, when there was complete silence on the surface.

The main lure became LureMax Hoyt 4g brought 5 RIP, one asp and the largest brought lure SV Fishing Panic 7.5 g. Just rinsed Mukai Clue 5 g and the custodian, but saw a couple of weak contacts.

Spinning – Maximus Streetracer 19L

Coil – Black Side Hammer 2000FD

Cord – Power Phantom Raptor 0.6

Bait (which brought the fish)

LureMax Hoyt 4 g.

SV Fishing Panic 7.5

All the caught fish was released back to their native element.


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