Where to look and what bait to use for ASP?

ASP is a predator fish, though, and refers to a form of carp, the length is about 80 cm and a weight of about 12 pounds. The fish is quite shy, bold and strong, so catching fish on spinning – always challenging and interesting, as when playing Chub has a strong resistance, so always loosen the clutch coil to ensure that the fish does not tear. Try not to scare the fish, as if he sees the shadow on the water – not to risk and simply swim away.

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  • Tackle for catching Chub
  • Bait for catching ASP
  • When catching?
  • However, catching fish on boilers is a pleasure. Boilers are referred to as places where ASP feed in flocks. And that’s how it’s done. First of all, you need to denote where you’re going to catch him to pick up the necessary gear. Millstone boilers are often located far from the coast, so in any case you will need a motor boat. ASP is very careful and its easy to spook the motor noise or loud speech. Therefore, to approach the boiler is on the oars and make casts far, sometimes up to 70 metres.

    The bait on the fish throw on the edge, not the center of the boiler

    Tackle for catching Chub

    A good fishing tackle for catching Chub, are considered to be spinning longer than 3 meters, having a rigid structure and test weighing about 40 grams. Also need a fast reel with a gear ratio of not less than 5.1, which allows to fish. The spool should be placed at least 130 meters of cord, which needs to be braided and it is very important that it was not very thick, high up to 0.15 mm.

    Bait for catching ASP

    As for lures for catching ASP, it when fishing for long casts and strong currents should be narrow and heavy. Its weight ranges between 24 and 40 grams. Of course, ASP is not bad throws and spinners, but they are, unfortunately, not applicable when the current is stronger and their weight rarely exceeds 10 grams.

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