Weekend to the maximum.

As many say, this summer has finally come, the air temperature is around 30 degrees, in such weather I would certainly prefer to stay at home under the air conditioning with cold drinks, but since it is not there yet, I decided to organize a family fishing trip.

The place of our joint stay fell on an island that is more familiar to many as an old cargo port. Every year it is increasingly flooded with water, many places are swampy, but there are areas where you can set up camp.

We were lucky with the weather, the sun did not fry as much as the day before and the day after, even the rain drizzled for a minute, but just in case we took the tent. Someone caught on a bobber, but we snatched in strips in the area of ​​the spit, periodically returning to the camp to eat and change the crew.

I again caught on Fire Fly, since there is a small current on the spit, I put a collapsible cheburashka weighing 3.5 grams. I can’t say that there were experiments of baits, there was rather a “war” of those that hit the top 3 that I voiced earlier.

On Luremax’s Kraken, fish bite more often, and the bulls couldn’t tear off the tentacles, for example, they killed at least 3 decoys at Dinar.

The largest fish was caught by Uncle Gayaz, who incidentally for a long time could not escape from zero. For the city, perch of 675 grams, I consider it a welcome trophy for many.

For several such trips for half an hour fishing, managed to catch on a good ear and fry. Basically, the individuals were 100-200 grams, it was a pity the wobblers were not with me, I think a large one would be more willing to absorb them.

While we were packing our things and I was taking everyone ashore, a delicious ear was waiting for us at home – just a wonderful end to the weekend. They say that the time spent on fishing does not count at the expense of life, but according to other sources, the time spent with the family not only does not count, but also strengthens the relationship in it, that’s all, To all the NFC, Respectfully Sergey Egoist.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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