We have one problem at OVH, no fish, and the Americans have another problem.

Silver carp in America. A nightmare of local fauna.

Americans clutch their heads and do not know what to do. A huge problem has arisen in America. An invader from Asia interferes with local fish, captures water bodies, and eats all plankton. How to get rid of it is an incomprehensible mystery. His name is Silver Carp.

It has long been noticed that Asian carps perfectly filter water, where they settled, the water becomes clear and clean. In the 70s of the last century, the United States purchased silver carp and released into its fish farms.

The Americans are very sorry about this decision, but you won’t turn back the clock.

The guest did not want to limit himself to a small pond and broke out, populating the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Now he is the master and master there. Fat and insolent.

In the family of silver carp there are two species of fish. Motley and white silver carp, as well as their hybrid. Their original habitat is China and the Amur basin. Giants grow up to a meter long and 30 kg of weight, large specimens break all records and reach one and a half meters and 50 kg of weight.

The adult silver carp feeds on phytoplankton and eggs of other fish. He is terribly gluttonous and eats as much as he weighs per day, eats all the plankton clean. Local fish are on a diet, and soon completely disappear from the reservoir, as if they were not.

The silver carp Chinese are happy to eat. Although it is bony, it is tasty, caught in rivers and bred on farms. There are almost no wild silver carp; the rivers there are terribly polluted. But it is full in America and Europe, there are excellent conditions.

Americans fear for their Great Lakes

The silver carp got very close already. Millions of dollars are allocated to fight fish. They came up with a scare electricity. Cables were laid along the bottom of the river and supply current. There is an effect, it seems, but some monsters manage to slip through the barrier.

Lake Michigan is right next door. Earthen ramparts are also being built, but to no avail.

Silver carp is very shy, in danger of fainting, pretending to be dead and tasteless. It happens that, frightened by the noise of the engine, jumps out, like a spring, from the water for a couple of meters, like a dolphin, and falls directly onto the deck. Take it and bring it home, no fishing rods are needed. But he can break the side of the boat or injure fishermen, this happened. In America, they don’t eat him at all, they consider him bony. And he has no enemies among the animal world. Asian carps rejoice.

So the Americans did not come up with the idea of ​​an enemy of lime, it remains only to look with despondency on how the invader moves further and further.

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