Way to bite

And after many years of life,

You won’t remember how much money you spent.

And is it worth it to keep a budget?

After all, it’s unlikely that now we’ll change.

I do not regret anything

All funds for wobblers and spinners

Will return your favorite reservoir

In full, for future springs.

Yes, I'm a little worse dressed

And eats a salary mortgage, but the soul is full of victory-

Memories for half a century !!!

And I am rich! And I'm happy!

The soul is a serious hardening.

True friends with me, than fishing leads in life.

It is from these lines that I want to start my story about fishing in the edge of pristine nature. Emotions … More precisely, the memories of the moment in which these emotions were born. How is it that the memory with imagination conveys the sensations of a bite that occurred a dozen years ago. Probably everyone remembers the joy of the first fish caught. Like a crucian in a village pond or a perch on a nearby river. Emotions … this is why I am going fishing. … How much money and time has been spent so that the moment comes, remembered for a lifetime. Nobody will ever count, it is priceless.

Morning dawn through the prism of dewdrops on the grass … Silence of sunrise and fog over the water. And also a bite … It can be different. … But always unexpected and long-awaited.

I’m on the river again … to look for that bite that I will remember for a long time. Motor slowly takes the boat to catchy points. The gears are assembled and you can start.

As a conductor's baton, I send spoons, with a measured path of lead to a familiar pit. Slow wiring every time keeps in suspense … The waiting process is the most painful and the most beautiful. The condition for the bite in this place is the supply of the spinner tightly with the bottom into a small bottom hollow. It turns out, honestly, not always. The reaction to bite is comparable to the narrowing of the pupil to a bright light. This is a whipping blow to the hand. … And increasing resistance at the other end of the cord. Our fishing classic, Professor Sabaneev, in his wonderful book “Fish of Russia” quotes Terletsky’s interesting quote: “catching a salmon with a fishing rod is the glory and pride of a hunter: it’s the same as killing a lion.” The feeling of fighting is beyond words. … This is pure adrenaline. … A few minutes later my underwater rival falls into the net of the henhead. Thanks for this flurry of emotions is the preservation of the life of the fish. Letting go of the fish brings no less pleasure than catching it.

And there are bites to which you go for days. That’s why they cut into our memory more strongly. It's like a matured wine … A taste that only improves over the years. To catch salmon on a micro-vibration and a light kit, here, this task is more difficult and to solve it, preparation is already necessary. Casting after casting on the rapid along the sand spit did not give results. The object of fishing was pink salmon. This strong fish will not leave anyone indifferent when playing with delicate gear. Russoleslesny Joker weighing 3.5 grams, did the trick. This was the main bargaining chip in our fish with many fish. Several fishing gear and lure selection, hours of reflection and reading of literature. All is not in vain. … Having shown the son the wiring process and indicating the place of casting, a few minutes later they were already happy together with the first silver beauty he had caught. How wonderful to share and share the most positive experiences.

Friends, the way your emotions from fishing will be only positive. See you on the ponds, all no tail, no scales !!!


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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