Water, water, water

The rising water is already fed up with everything. Garbage floats on the Volga, the fish scattered in an unknown direction and it is necessary to constantly search for it. August boilers with asp did not appear either in August or at the beginning of September, while pike and pike perch are generally in kamatose – in general, everything is quite complicated on the river.

The trip turned out to be not very close, but even this did not save from lack of meat. From rearrangement to rearrangement, I had to move more and more to watch fish than to catch. Before dinner, traveled all the autumn and spring places, but except for odd zander, a few pikes and perches did not find anything. Water all this time constantly rose, which accordingly forced to put the weight of cheburashka in the region of 60-70 grams. In principle, this is already a familiar practice, but as usual, no one was preparing for this. My heaviest pack in the boat was Maximus Mesсalito up to 42 grams, since it has already been tested and it has not suffered such overloads for the first fishing, it did not fail this time either.

Reports from water bodies: Water, water, water

Until the evening, except for the bershets, they didn’t get into a jig, as though they didn’t rest and did not exhibit fish. In addition to morning bites, more or less credible fish there was nothing to brag about directly. But, at lunch, on one of the newly formed rapids, a large asp suddenly came out unexpectedly, and after carefully sneaking up on him and precise casting, I managed to seduce him to bite. He ate a hurikan in the gills, while setting the heat well from the very first moment of fighting. On a strong current, a powerful stick came in handy, but even despite this, it was not possible to get this handsome into the landing net the first time. There were also single exits after it, but it was no longer possible to catch such a complex single fish

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Reports from water bodies: Water, water, water

In the evening, the truth is a bit caught. Along one of the flooded islands, a perch took up from somewhere. Every now and then he ate 4-4.5 inches and did not allow normal wiring. When, nevertheless, it was possible at least somehow to hold the bait in the right place “under the drain”, it was attacked by medium-sized lumps, but again, as in the morning, without fanaticism and clearly credible individuals. And so the evening ended with nothing remarkable. Even sad somehow, and this is the end of summer, the coolest time for many fish …

Reports from water bodies: Water, water, water

In general, fishing turned out to be arche difficult, even despite the good weather, excellent fishing spots and the presence of the fish itself in the echo sounder. The water on the Hydroelectric Station is being talked up and down a meter, what they want, they do, and this naturally affects the underwater inhabitants badly, but let's not talk about sad things. All good fishing.