Vortex Tail MIZU.

What happens to the weather this year, only God knows, at the end of July, the thermometer had only 12 degrees of heat, accompanied by the already pretty annoying gusty wind, well, not at all summer-like. Thank God I'm not from the cold and such weather is not an obstacle for me to do my favorite thing – fishing.

On one of these “summer” evenings, when the bulk of people wanted to climb under a warm blanket, he went to the lock channel of the Nizhnekamsk Hydroelectric Power Station, hoping to catch the striped robber.


Arriving at the place, I realized that the weather is a miserable problem created by the fisherman by nature, since the area where I planned fishing was overgrown with a dense carpet of algae. Only after passing a little coast found a small area free of algae with a width of not more than three meters, where this fishing took place.

I started fishing with jig rigging, which was a mistake, as a strong gusty wind did not allow me to accurately throw the tackle, but also to track the fall of the bait to the bottom. The problem was easily resolved when switching to a snap-lead, but it did not bring more than one fish, there were only rare twitches of small tails of a silicone bait by small perches.

My hands froze, the mood of all normal people “climb under a warm blanket,” and then I remembered that I had long wanted to fish in this place with a spin spinner, since my brother successfully caught tail spinners in this place last year.

In my arsenal there are several tail spinners from different manufacturers, but the most beloved and most catchy is the SPRUT MIZU in the color SLM, the tackle of which I affectionately call the “Wingtail”.


The wind did not abate and there was nothing left to do but to very carefully throw the bait between the thickets of algae. My efforts were rewarded; on the third throw, the first guest knocked on the spinning blank with a voiced bite, a perch of a quite nice size.


Another pair of filigree castings and another perch hung on a spin-tail, which can be safely called the proud word "Humpback", but had to tinker with it when playing, since he preferred to escape in the omnipresent dense algae.


The release of adrenaline into the blood warmed my almost frozen body and absorbed in excitement, I continued to catch this nook, waiting for a larger trophy. Expectations did not come true, the next fish caught was a small perch, after which the bite completely stopped.


The day was striving for its completion, the wind was weakening, fishing became comfortable, I decided to go fishing for another half hour, and I did it right.

On one of the casts, something hung on the bait, of course I decided that the algae that clung on almost every wiring. Suddenly the hook pulled to the side, as a result of which the bait was firmly stuck in the aquatic vegetation. With great effort and risk of losing the bait, he pulled ashore a huge bunch of algae and this is a cauliflower miracle …


Pike was the most pleasant moment at the end of the fishing day. The culprit of high spirits was released back into the pond, gathered gear and went home under a warm blanket.

Fishing turned out to be very interesting, despite the harsh weather conditions, the tail spinner SPRUT MIZU again showed itself from an excellent side, which I am extremely happy about.

That’s probably all.

I rested in body and soul, I charged the battery of positive and health 100%.

Thanks for attention.

Regards AlexPi. +


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