Yesterday I decided to go fishing with a friend. Honestly, I haven't been by the water for three days now, my hands were itching, just eat up, drop the bait and catch it.

There was a choice, go to the Don and look for pike perch on the evening dawn, but the probability is minimal, the current temperature of the water began to fall, or go to the reservoir, search through the pits.

This time they decided nevertheless on airborne forces. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a bunch of views of vacationers, all the same, the city center, Saturday, and we with spinning rods. We collected our spinning rods and went to the first point. I took with me the Maximus Gravity 27M, the Black Side Riot 4000FD reel with Power Phantom Raptor # 1.5 cord. Nikolay, on my recommendation, bought Zetrix Exilon up to 70 g near the Volga, and came with him.

At the first point, from the second cast, Kolya raises a zander of 600 grams and we fix it by bite. The phrase was uttered – if only I could catch a sterlet … By the way, not from me, I wanted to get a fanged one.

The second point was very interesting. Throwing into a pit about 12-15 m, until the long edge it is impossible to throw it on a thick wattle fence. On the near edge, as soon as I began to drag on it, there was a bite, a hook. But something incomprehensible, like a perch, but not so much pressure. It’s already dark, I lift it from the water and I can’t believe my eyes. Sterlet, gross truth. I was of course shocked to meet such a rare aquatic creature. Knowing perfectly well that this view is in the red book, I take photos and let go …

Then they went to the place where the feeders were sitting and fell into a whitewash cluster. The contact of the fish with the cord was almost every cast. We soon got tired of it and we moved to a place where there are striped robbers.

Upon arrival, I collect Maximus Pulse 732SUL and went to catch perch in mormyshka. For an hour with Kolya, they caught 20 perch pieces, the largest 120 grams, enjoyed the evil bites of a hungry perch and finished our event.


Danielle K. Benson

Author: Danielle K. Benson

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