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Understatement of the reservoir. Old, new friends.

After a trip to the Volgograd Reservoir, some understatement remained. They found areas with fish, but its liabilities at the points clearly made it clear what could be better. Therefore, a few days later we again went to the same region. In the boat, the same L320 as the bait and Mescalito as the uprooter. But, oddly enough, everything went completely wrong as we planned.

At the first points, a trifle quickly and actively bites off the tails of 4 inch baits and relaxation quickly ends, then a few pike perches and that’s all. Morning exit is over. There is fish in the echo sounder, but not in such quantity. All attempts to seduce her with something ended in complete failure. I had to go on a new quest. More precisely, more precisely consider the area in which the fish was found and check out a few more promising dumps.

Having gone through all the past performances, it became clear that the fish was gone. It is not surprising – the water fell about a meter and continued to fall. Oddly enough, we immediately cling to fish on a coastal dump. Today's depths are mostly 8-10-12 meters, but this was yet to be understood. The small baits continued to attack the bersh, often preventing normal fish from pecking, at first they were happy about it, but then he simply tortured with his idle bites.

Having embarked on a flooded cape with an underwater forest, I decide to try large topics and almost immediately catch an offset fanged along snags. Then a couple more and start to tear. Vibro-tails from 5 inches of different companies and stripes on a jig head, today were clearly in high esteem.

The fish kept proving this with sonorous blows such as “give the spinning”, but with the size everything was not as dense as in the last trip – the largest lump, again in the region of 1.5 kilograms. Moreover, such a bright dependence on the color of the bait as well as a few days earlier was not there. Sudak actively ate large Relax Kopyto in machine and lemon colors, and luremax Yobbo together with Slim Shad’s ambulance and watermelon. The main thing was not to grind, and the fish responded. Although putting it at the same point with 3.5-4 inches, it was possible to take a soul on the bersh again, so to speak, without departing from the cash register, but toothless whales for half a day were already fed up with it.

Towards evening, we tried to search for more working areas with fish, in places we had noted earlier in windy weather, where it was impossible to stand because of the wave, and stumbled upon a decent accumulation of whitewash near small snags. Mescalito had to be reloaded taking into account the bait of grams to sixty, and the size of the fish turned out to be the same. Of course, the bites were like a spinning hammer, and quite frequent, but I wanted something larger. The slave was clearly hunting and we spoiled her plans a little.

It was gradually getting dark, so we did not bother the fanged friends at the point we found and fishing ended there. It’s probably not too early yet with the size of zander, another month and it should be activated. We will wait – soon the time for trophies. Autumn is in the yard.


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