Trophy pike for spinning ultralight

Finally, we had a free day and my neighbor and I decided to go to look for a large perch on the largest lake in Belarus – Naroch. In the morning the weather was just perfect: warm, light breeze and sunshine, and the water was completely calm.

Everything, as the striped loves. We began to check the points nearest from the launch. One of the features of catching perch in this reservoir is that the schools of perch move very quickly and often, so you have to often change the anchor. After an hour of fishing, we still managed to find a large boatswain, there are a lot of little things and it costs almost in all layers of water, but the more or less credible one is kept deeper.

But the weather decided to give us a surprise, the wind began to blow and a cloud drove from somewhere. Due to the large area of ​​the reservoir, the wind blows up a good wave rather quickly and after a couple of hours it turned into a real storm. The wind easily bent the ultralight spinning rods into an arc and it was almost impossible to do controlled wiring. This weather is great for pike fishing, there are enough lures in the boat and we decided to quickly rebuild by slightly increasing the size of the lures. Toothy responded quite quickly, albeit a medium-sized one, but give a spinning bite and resistance in a summer brisk. Playing light spinning rods is a pleasure.

And after a couple of hours of fishing on big waves, we were convinced of the correctness of the decision. In addition to the standard small things, Ilya was lucky to have his spinning ultralight (Black Shadow 3.5-10.5 g) pecked by a meter-long pike on the Akara Minnow 100 ripper in a tomato-black color. Ilya makes a long cast downwind, a strong wind blows the fence, a couple of minutes of waiting, the bait should be allowed to go deep. While she is drowning, a light blow occurs, I didn’t hit it, I thought the wave hit the sagging braid. Then again the same blow, hooked, but seemed to feel the bait, begins to do the wiring, feels another poke on the fall of the tow and the fish slowly moves towards the boat. Powerful striking and like a stump. Then the fish begins to move slowly, we immediately understand – this is it, the long-awaited trophy! Careful playing with light tackle, the fish did not want to approach the boat for a long time, so they took off the electric motor and swam up to it themselves. Weigh quickly (95 cm and 7 kg) photo and release!

Such a fish should definitely live! And then I had to roll up, tk. the battery of the electric motor could not stand it for a long time at such large waves, but we will definitely return anything.

Amanda K. Benson

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