TRIXBAIT Swing Shad 2.3 – An example of a great perch vibrotail!

Friends, hello everyone! I want to talk about one very interesting "rubber" from the company TRIXBAIT. This is nothing more than a vibratory tail called the Swing Shad at a size of 2.3 inches. The bait turned out to be very catchy, and most importantly, it is combined with many mounting options, which makes it as versatile as possible, but first things first.

Swing Shad comes in a convenient pack, which contains 9 lures. The number of vibro-tails is calculated so that they do not stick together.

Reviews: TRIXBAIT Swing Shad 2.3 - an example of a great perch vibrotail!

Body geometry and features of "silicone"

This vibrotail has an elongated body shape. Starting from the head to the tail, the bait is covered by shallow ribs, which create a sound effect in the water, and this, in turn, is a good provocative element for fish, in this case the perch, with an enviable regularity, encroaches on the innocence of Swing Shad, in fact, under this I also bought this bait fish. At the end there is a small thin heel, it easily starts at the very minimum wiring speeds. The worm-like body moves in water imposingly and naturally. Such a game is peculiar only to those soft plastic baits that have a soft, mobile body. "Silicone" in Swing Shad is very soft, but what is important is not loose and at the same time withstands a decent amount of bites. We all know how a perch can persistently attack a bait, that it does not withstand and is torn into small pieces, but not in the case of Swing Shad. The body of the vibrotail is durable and copes with all the hardships of perch fishing. As for the quality of casting, everything here is top notch! On baits there are no smudges or any other deformations that negatively affect the game. For this, many thanks to our friends Belarusians who make high-quality, and most importantly catchy baits at humane prices. By the way, all TRIXBAIT products are “edible”, which significantly increases the chance of catching fish.

Reviews: TRIXBAIT Swing Shad 2.3 - an example of a great perch vibrotail!

Mounting variations

I most often used Swing Shad on microjig, using both open-hook and offset editing. On most fishing trips, I used “cheburashki weighing 2 grams, but this does not mean that the bait does not combine with the loads in greater weight, for example, with a strong crosswind I had to use 3 gram tungsten“ cheburashki ”. There is an opinion that the size of the used weight can affect the game of the tail, and this is completely true. For the sake of experiment, he put a 5 gram “cheburashka” and Swing Shad also demonstrated a good high-frequency tail game. For me, it is the open hook that is best combined with this vibrotail, since it is in this embodiment that the bait gets more freedom in movement.

Reviews: TRIXBAIT Swing Shad 2.3 - an example of a great perch vibrotail!

Hinged mounting on a cheburashka is not the only thing this vibro-tail does well, a retractable leash and split shots also bring their results. I remember the moment when the “striped” completely ignored microjig, then I had to mount a retractable lead and this installation, combined with slowly smooth wiring, brought me a good humpback perch.

Since this model is made of floating "silicone", the micro-jig-mounted option allows you to animate the bait in such a way that at the bottom it looks like a feeding fry. The head of the vibro-tail is lowered down, and the tail pops up, short blasts, broaches and the classic step, if you experiment with these options for posting, you will definitely achieve a good result.

The color variety of Swing Shad lures allows you to choose any lure to suit your conditions. I chose the following for myself: 01, 004. One is dark, the other is purple, but the most important thing is that both work great and like a perch! Swing Shad helps out at the right time, resuscitating dead fishing. I recommend everyone a very good “silicone” for a reasonable price!


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