trailer boat liner

Actually, I’ll start .. My boats were different. floor and with nndnd. In addition to quick assembly, there were no advantages for the IDD personally FOR ME. of the minuses – jumps along the wave. like a ball. low landing, a puddle in the boat after rain, the need to cover the floor. so that he does not suffer from an accidental fall, for example, of a knife …. but this, again, again is a purely personal opinion. Everything was fine with the floor boat. but I did not want to disassemble it from the word at all. Since I live in my house, the problem with the storage location is not relevant. a trailer was bought, which turned out to be a good help with the housework not only for transporting the boat. And the combination of the versatility of the cargo trailer and the utility of the boat began. Since the boat lives on a trailer all summer long, the option of transporting and storing it upside down was chosen. this added troubles during loading and unloading, but eliminated the need to flood the cockpit in the parking lot with rain. different shmurdyak rides under the boat – the motor. tank, anchor .. the boat serves as a lid, closing things from the rain. 2 years of operation convinced the correctness of such a solution. The principle of loading and unloading is disclosed in the video. in the photo – service loading mode).

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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