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Leash length for bleak, how to tie it to a fishing line

Much has been written about the length of the leash for catching bleak. But everything is learned through personal experience. Use a long or short leash for bleaching – it all depends:

  • from the place of fishing: on the river or on the lake;
  • from the season: spring, summer or autumn;
  • and also what attachments are used when fishing.


  • one What leash is needed for bleak
    • 1.1 If bleak is careful
    • 1.2 Leash for bleak in autumn
    • 1.3 Leash on the lake bleak
  • 2 How to tie a leash to a fishing line

What leash is needed for bleak

It is known that bleak lives and is caught in the upper layers of water in spring and summer, moves in the water column, or stands at the bottom in late autumn.

The bite of the verkhovodka is sharp and fast. With an active bite, the fish aggressively attacks the nozzle, so you need to hook it without hesitating at the slightest sinking of the float or pulling it to the side.

In spring, summer and early autumn, the length of the leash should be no more than 10-15 cm from the hook, otherwise there will be problems with timely hooking.

A short leash is especially important when fishing with dough, semolina, bread, that is, those nozzles that easily go off when biting. When fishing with maggots, a favorite with a bite, the size of the leash is not so important. In the presence of bites and the absence of descents, the used leash can be considered sufficient and optimal.

If bleak is careful

If the fish is not active or overly cautious, then the leash can be lengthened to 20-30 cm so that the fish takes the bait more boldly. Usually in this state, she stays in the second half of summer with an abundance of natural food. Again, this is not a dogma, you need to experiment. If there is a bite, but the fish is not detected, there are many descents, the length of the leash should be brought to the recommended 10-15 cm.

Leash for bleak in autumn

From October until freezing, the bleak keeps mainly at the bottom, periodically rising to collect the last insects falling with leaves into the water. When fishing with bloodworms from the bottom on the river, on the current, a leash of 15-20 cm is enough, if on top then 10-15 cm.

Leash on the lake bleak

The lacustrine birder is less shy and cautious due to the greater fishing pressure. Every day someone catches and feeds fish, it gets used to it and acts much more boldly than a river one. For fishing on reservoirs and lakes, the optimal leash size is recommended by us above 10-15 cm.

And in conclusion, we recall

To successfully catch bleak, you need to use the main line 0.1-0.12 mm in the rig, the leash – 0.08 -0.1 mm.

How to tie a leash to a fishing line

And also show in the photo how to quickly tie the leash to the fishing line. So,

Knit a loop on the line and leash
Knit a loop on the main line and leash
tie the leash to the line
Tie the leash to the main line

We thread the leash with a hook into the loop of the main line, and then we pass it through its own loop as in the photo above. We are tightening.

Leash on the line
All … the leash is securely tied …

It can also be removed quickly. Since the loop is simple, it is sufficient to push the double line of the loop in the direction of the knot. If it does not give in, then pry the knot itself with a needle and loosen it a little. Then re-push the line and remove the leash.

Of course, when fishing, and even with a leash thickness of 0.08, it can be difficult to do this. Getting wet in the water and under the weight of the fish being fished, the knot gradually tightens. A fishing line of a larger diameter can be easily knitted and removed.

Coming out of the situation, before fishing, I knit 6-8 leashes, identical in pairs, but of different lengths. And if on the pond it is not immediately possible to remove the leash for replacement, I simply cut it off or cut it off and attach a new one.

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