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How to quickly remove scales from bleak and gut

Have you got a bucket of coarse bleak? Excellent!. Now you need to clean it from scales and entrails in order to cook something tasty or just fry.

Clean bleakSince the fish is small, many people have a question of how to “approach” it and what to do with it. Everything is very simple, but in order to figure out how to process fish quickly and whether to clean it at all, we will voice two opposite opinions of many fishermen and their hostesses, amateurs and gourmets.


  • one Do I need to clean bleak
  • 2 How to clean frying bleak + video
    • 2.1 The first way
    • 2.2 Second way
    • 2.3 Third way
  • 3 How to gut bleak + video

Do I need to clean bleak

  • So, the bases of eaters of peeled fish, regardless of its size.

You need to gut fish for frying, fish soup, homemade sprats, canning, etc. It is not “ethical” to eat fish with entrails, even boiled or fried, and they may contain worms, such as tapeworm.

The same applies to salting, drying, pickling, although most fishermen salt, dry the whole fish, not gutted.

Regarding the bleak scales, it is tender in the fish, in the ear and in the frying pan, especially in a pressure cooker or autoclave, it simply dissolves, and when salted or dried, it does not affect the gastronomic value of the fish. But if the verkhovodka is large, then it is advisable to remove the scales for cooking and frying.

  • And the opinion of the opposite camp of lovers of fish with giblets

Fish with offal tastes better. Some lovers of savory dishes cook it like this, they say, the fish is small, there is nothing to bother with. They say – “Just think about cleaning … it will do.” Yes, there are no comrades in taste and color … we will also leave this opinion without comment.

How to clean frying bleak + video

Now about how to quickly clean the bleak from scales and offal in a frying pan. There are three known effective methods.

The first way

You can clean fish from scales at home under the pressure of water, for example, under a tap, simply stirring it with your hands in cotton gloves in the sink. Alternatively, the fish is sprinkled with coarse salt, also interfered with, then washed, see the video.

Second way

It is called a marching one, right in a metal cage on the shore of a reservoir. We take the cage with the caught fish and shake it, periodically lowering it into the water for washing. All large scales will come off, and small ones that remain will dissolve during thermal processing.

Third way

From “homemade”. You need a bucket, a screwdriver, a brush, and a metal washcloth. One and a half to two minutes and the bleak is cleaned. How? Watch the video and support the author with likes on the YouTube channel.

Scrubbing the scales with a knife, scraper or various kitchen utensils is suitable for large fish, but not suitable for bleaching – slowly and ineffectively, especially when 1-2 buckets of small things have to be processed.

How to gut bleak + video

There are also two ways here, depending on the cut. From tools – a sharp knife.

  • The first is the fastest, in one or two movements of the knife. First, we make an incision in front of the anus (you can do without it, as in the video), then immediately behind the head from the side of the back we cut the spine, and we stretch the head along with the giblets, and the caviar will remain in the abdomen. It turns out a ready-made semi-finished product – a headless carcass.

  • The second is classic (with or without a head). We cut the abdomen just behind the pectoral fins across the body to the spine or cut off the head. Then we rip (make a longitudinal incision) the “belly” and take out the giblets with a knife.

Head bale is used in canning, in the preparation of homemade sprats. The fins and tail need not be cut off, they will be invisible and will not spoil the gastronomic sensations of the finished dish.

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