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How many rods can you fish with?

How many rods can you fish with? Each fisherman has his own opinion on this matter. But you always need to proceed from the available skills and common sense.
Only one tackle is definitely enough for a beginner:

  • float or fly fishing rods,
  • feeder with a feeder,
  • spinning rod, etc.


  • one How many tackle to take for fishing
    • 1.1 How many float rods to catch
    • 1.2 How many feeders to throw
    • 1.3 One, two or three spinning rods

How many tackle to take for fishing

Based on their own experience, as well as observations and opinions of anglers available on the network, the optimal number of tackle, when choosing a particular fishing method, are:

  • one float rod, maximum two
  • one feeder with an active bite or 2-3 – with a passive one using bell signaling devices, if with a nod, then only 1-2
  • one spinning
  • one fly fishing rod.

Fishing rules do not stipulate the number of tackles, it is important not to catch more than 10 hooks in total and at the same time. Therefore, the number of tackles is at the choice of the angler, with the exception of the prohibited ones, of course.

How many float rods to catch

When fishing with a float rod, it is very difficult to control three or more floats. Moreover, if the feed spot is small (usually 06-1.2 m), then it is almost impossible to use more than two rods at the same time. Otherwise, the risk of confusing the gear when casting, hooking and playing fish is guaranteed.

The best option depends on the intensity of the bite. At low and medium fishing rates, 1-2 rods can be used, at high rates – 1 rod.

How many feeders to throw

The same is with the bottom tackle with a feeder – feeder. A common story: while you are working on one rod (you fill the feeder, change the bait, fish out, take a fish in the landing net) at this moment you see a bite on the second one. All the more so on two, and even worse – on three or four.

Ideally, it is better to use One feeder tackle. In extreme cases – two, but not more.

If you hook the second fish, then you can hardly cope without a partner. And more often than not, you start to rush from one rod to another. As a result, not a single fish can be hooked. But the approach of a large fish or the exit of a predator can be so short …

One, two or three spinning rods

Fishing with a spinning rod also implies only one blank in hand, but often when fishing from a boat with an angler, another 1-2 spinning rods stand in trawl racks. How convenient is it? Do not know.

But if the pike attack simultaneously all the lures on two or three spinning rods, the fisherman will most likely not be able to take any one. And if there is still a copy for 3 kilos, it will definitely break one of the spinning rods or both at once.

In addition, it is very difficult to change the place of fishing, if several rods are abandoned, while you collect, reel, then tune back – precious time and fish are lost.

So, chase two hares – you won’t catch a single one …

How many rods you can and should catch – everything is obvious. It is much more important to get pleasure from fighting large fish, holding one rod in your hands, than to endlessly rush between the tackles: untangle, repair, cast, adjust, etc.

It is clear that you can fish with as many rods as you want, if you do not violate the Fishing Rules. But is this fishing – one hassle. You get tired of collecting, throwing, getting and collecting, and unraveling it :). And it is more convenient to search for fish with one, prepared, correctly tuned and favorite rod. How many rods can you fish

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