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Third. "Jig". Season 2019.

Fishing, three years. Jig nineteenth.

Year 19 fishing was very active, which can not be said about the catches of something large. But that is not happiness, is it?

What is left after a year?

He freaked out on Lake Spartak, on his pike, and also on any of its large specimens.

Of course, I went to look for a pike, did not give up, but did not catch a single this year.

Maybe a year like that, or maybe there are few pikes left, but it was not caught.

Therefore, everything went into the game with microjig, with dilution by jig experiments in other places.

And there was a lot of microjig, as well as little things caught on it.

What changed?

All fishing goes into a more philosophical and creative approach, in the search for harmony in gear, the choice of fishing techniques and contemplation of the path.

And it’s not that the ambitions were gone, they were synthesized into the questions: “what do I want?”, “What is fishing for me?” And into the clearer chosen boundaries of techniques and gear.

Without taking off "from the ground" – increased the number of fishing trips on the Ob.

Opening year

There are a lot of them, and mainly due to the addition of technical equipment in my fishing "warehouse".

Since the middle of summer there has been a transition to mormyshka 0.2-0.3 grams, with heavier 0.4-0.6. And maybe that’s why the linen came in the by-catch. On micro-jig, he began to knit leashes from the fluor. A new and apparently final round in my microjig snap. Most of all I like fishing with a leash of fluor than with a string or on a "clean" cord. The number of bites did not increase much, but interest appeared in the form of a cooking ritual, especially if there was no hurry. Nodes – began to leave tails more authentic when I knit. Winter Gloom taught not to save the cord, but to knit “Carrot” in small rings. Fishing revelation – the number of actions that lead to loss of baits decreased, and the number of baits increased. And I, you can use the word "dream" here, I'm waiting for a newcomer acquaintance in microjig to appear who could be given a quarter, or maybe a third of his microjig baits. For a long time, one cannot overpower the accumulated over three years. The theory of the time the fish reach the point is confirmed. I only heard about it before. Experience is being accumulated and situations have already been noticed in three years when a fish pecks at the same time in a certain area.


This year two tasks were completed – to test more different pieces from the hardware (not spinning rods) and write about them briefly. About the fact that the notes should be exactly short, Maxim Dubkovsky suggested it at the exhibition in Novosibirsk.

In summary, briefly:

Finished Sunline Siglon PEx4 Orange 150m # 0.3 5LB. The result – I did not like it without fluor, with a meter fluor insert normal, but you need to monitor the condition of the cord visually and with your hands. A cord not for a beginner. Delivered by Aiko Unitex Lightgame # 0.2 and Sunline New Super PE 150m 0.4 dark green – the same in thickness. With them, you can start microjig beginners beginners. Super PE is a good cast, and Unitex is reliable after Siglon. I made fluoric inserts from Siglon FC 30, started from 6 libres and reached 4. Next year I will try 3 libra and 2. I tried pure Shii Saido Magic Flurry 30 meters in mormyshing. Sensations – something between the cord and the monophile. If I return to fluor in mormyshka, then only in winter on Ugryumka, but hardly. I stay all the same on the monk. Troutist – the spinning won is gorgeous. I really liked it. If you want a pleasant spinning for trout, ide, mormyshka and spinners, then here is the answer. Twisters – this was the main action in microjig. I couldn’t catch the twister for two years, but here I just rested and went. They started fishing from them, morning fishing only on them, and throughout the day they are also constantly wet. Sharumovki – baits for mormyshki and nanojig. Jig rig – got to him. And this is interesting. Ryobi Spiritual 500 dx is quite a worthy reel for its money. Especially after Igoryan 768 made me a normal friction clutch.

The baits that showed themselves in catches during the year are Sharumovki and Siberian spinning, Relax twister and CrazyFish Angry Spin twisters.

It is difficult to single out the forms of baits – everyone showed themselves equally well.

Jig year

"Primitive jig."

I once had a conversation when I met online three years ago.

I – I don’t really like the jig (rubber), I’m somehow more on turntables and wobblers while I’m making fun of it, the jig is somehow primitive (it seems to me)

He – oh how wrong you are!

I am sure that he took a deep breath and exhaled before answering me. )))

As a result, the name of my text was born in 2016, with which I want to open the structuring of the jig in my head.

The whole aesthetics of a jig is manifested in long sticks, and to be precise, in a long stick, coupled with the weight of the bait that is “correct” for it in the test. And the weight of the bait reveals the work of building spinning. Jig, as it seems to me in his visual ecstasy, starts from 230-240 and up to 270 centimeters.

The "primitive" jig never succumbed to me. I experimented a lot. With the size of the bait, with the shape, color, with the weight of the cargo, with wiring, with water, with the separation of the phase of undermining the bait and its fall to the bottom, with cords, reels, morning / day / evening, etc. All sorts of variations, except for spinning. It was ONLY Halcyon 236 to 14 grams.

If the pike is not afraid of the size of the wobbler (15 cm shoelaces on 90 wobblers sat down), then it doesn’t work for me with a jig.

Do we conclude from this?

I will make it so that the spinning, which the jig knew, I will postpone and try with others. Suddenly, it was precisely what Halzion “did not give” to me that prevented me from comprehending a jig.

To blame on Halz, when I’m crooked hands yet.

Even the thought that I am doing something wrong, calmly admit. But not the whole year !?

At least once a season I had to get into the circumstances of fishing on occasion and catch a pike. But no.

For a year, I did catch a couple of pikes in a jig and it wasn’t systematic, as well as perch and perch, but it was all only in the micro-sizes of the bait and cargo. So it does not count.

I watched and read many different things. There is no problem catching a microjig, but there is a jig.

I still divide jig into two approaches – stepwise (our usual step, often with overweight) and more even (representatives – French, Finns, Oleg Sizon, Japanese with their millions of types of fishing).

Not much has happened about jigging, but theory without practice is useless.

About sport

Am I growing above myself? Growing up.

It became easier to perceive reservoirs, even from training there is a benefit. The opinion with colleagues about the conducted trainings began to coincide – what, where, what tactics.

Sport without training is too random for me.

We have “diamonds” in the ULFK, which are stable without training, but I am not one of them, and most of the training is always at the top of the list.


“No need to take a lot of fishing lures” – this is one of the elements of this year, I want to get rid of excess in my bag.

If it’s clear what and where I am fishing, then I don’t take much.

This idea has been the leitmotif of fishing for two years now. Of course, I am not yet Kuzmin and not Sizon, but progress already exists.

After a jig year, he came to the division of the L-light range (up to 15 grams, which it is in its pure form) to 10, this is a kind of UL-L.

And that's why I settled on two gradations up to 5 and up to 10 grams for my fishing in a shallow jig.

My choice is based on the “golden spinning test”, when the top test is folded with the bottom and divided into two.

I try to catch it in that middle.

I caught my first year at 2.5-3 grams, the next at 2-2.5, this one at 1.5-2. And all this without loss of casting distance and on one spinning Aiko Izabella2 up to 6 grams, but only working with the materiel (cord, reel, winding, casting). Summing up all the boundaries according to the golden test rule, an average of 2.25 grams is obtained, and this is just my average spinning weight of up to 5 – “hook and bait”.

I chose this instrument for a long time and once, having fallen in love at first sight, I bought Finezza Neo, which has a mebrew system (now there is the concept of “phine”) and is not fast, and throws even 1.5 and 1 grams normally.

CTD, the theorem is proved.

For two years, using sticks up to 14-15 grams in a jig, I came to the conclusion that the top of this test, and accordingly such sticks, is redundant for my fishing conditions. Five spinning rods confirm this. Again, after weighing my main bait in a light box and counting the “golden test”, I decided to stop on the test until 10.

Why redundant? Because I am fishing in the absence of currents and it is not difficult for me to wait a bit for the fall of the bait, if the depth is greater than expected. Of course, I’m losing the “tool” of overloading in a jig, but it didn’t work for me anyway, and I will probably use it only on rivers with other tests.

Also, the thought and practice of microjig led me to the fact that it is better to immediately determine that the fish is passive and take only such tactics into account.

Light loads, soft feeds, and even if it is active, it will peck. If not, then "welcome to the experiment studio."

Loads up to 6 grams maximum and lures up to 3 inches go well together. And this is not going into ultralight, this is a deliberate relief when hunting for the same kilos and kopecks, but with a big buzz and hone technique (accuracy, casting, wiring, fighting).

With an objection to the casting distance, I immediately parry – you need a longer stick and that's it.

In general, in the future, I hope that the era of techno racing will end and the era of greater observation of the nature of water bodies will begin. But all the texts about the technical aspects of fishing and all that, but where is the scientific or naturalistic research, I ask you (myself) ?!


I thoroughly prepared for experiments with fluor in the form of a leash in microjig. In winter, he studied the nodes for connecting the cord and fluor.

He tied large ropes to understand the structure of the knot, small for motility, even tried to tie the same diameters as he had expected for summer gear. And it turned out that the best thing went when I started to knit precisely the cord + fluor that will be used in the summer. Hands immediately get used to the necessary rigidity.

In general, fluor will always be thicker than the cord. And here even knots for different thicknesses of ropes can come up.

He trained to knit different ones and settled on two in micro-jig – carrot and knotted.

The rest are also very good, especially the GT-knot, it is very cool, but for thin ranks I do not like them.


Spartak was enraged by the lack of pike, a small perch and down – he went to other places.

There were more new reservoirs than last season. A lot. This was also helped by a business trip in the region and new lakes for competitions.

I opened near Karasuk, on the mormyshka. Even a barrage of wind, reversing the course of the shallow strait, did not stop me. Large crucian carp and perch on mormyshka chic!


On Ugryumka and Tulka in the winter, small fish harvesting continues, on Spartak in the summer there were also incidents.


I will devote just a little to the settled point.

Someone left the list of subscriptions, and someone came. I advise you to take a closer look at the fresh channels that were active last year –

Oleg Sizon is the opening of the year for me, I stopped watching “talking hands” on YouTube, and then there are excellent shoots from the side, with explanations of Crazy Fish TV – Ukrainians are already moving on, there is a chance to see what comes to us in a couple of years.DoktorZai is a cool guy, listens to the lighthouse, fishes from a boat and the shore, speaks well Sergei Sorokin – underwater filming – represent the Japanese top segment of Yamagi from Ukrainian representatives Pavel Rybak – look interesting, fish like I don’t fish (Tour History – cool gestures)) and emotionally talks


The goals for the winter Ugryumka are to finally choose the characteristics of the Ugryumkov spinning and check the jig loads 2-5 regardless of the size of the bait, usually used 5-12 (slow feed theory).

Also test other sticks in the winter and continue to reduce the number of lures in the box.

The following year, pay attention to regular jig, jig-rig, jig-fishing with light weights with normal bait up to 3 inches starting from morum, to give a little time to the above average wobblers 90-110, as well as vibrations from 3 to 8.

About fishing in general

What is fish to humans? An element of pleasure or subsistence.

It is necessary to change the paradigm of presenting material about fishing, and after some time evolution will occur in the heads. Already with the principle of software, many people began to change their behavior, and they also twisted fines, changed laws.

Still, a fishing ticket would be introduced with photos and fees, which is worse than the hunters.

Maybe children will catch fish.


This year was very dynamic for the club. There were many interesting competitions, fishing trips, reports and photos.

Gössen discussed the “nanophile killer,” the fabulous Meiho CASE J boxes and Daiwa’s breakthrough of the year in facilitating their LT range.


He was there, drank honey, did not throw spinning, did not get into the cage.

This year the rules changed there. And according to the results of our trout competitions, two athletes selected for the PAL TROUT League. And not only they were selected, but also went and performed there, securing three places for our athletes the next year.

Experiences about this and the interview can be found here.

Fishing Russian

This year there was somehow a lot of phrases from all sides – “promising place”, “this is a classic”, “labor fishing”, “expedition”.

With a lot of such references, they begin to depreciate.

Every second blogger, the usual familiar point or point with a random fish in the past becomes "promising." You don’t need to analyze maps, study routes, depths, make plans for fishing. Any bait flying into the water is called a “classic”. "Oh, this is a classic of this, this is a classic of this." Classics are any lures that have been invented for a long time. Moreover, I asked someone in Novosibirsk the “classic” is a by-pass, someone has a hinged mounting, and someone has the bait on a jig head. A man who arrived by car to the river on the asphalt and called three hours fishing calls fishing labor due to the fact that he walked a kilometer along the shore and caught one fish – this is somehow not serious, men. Traveling (a trip, a trip) to your pleasure without a scientific purpose is an expedition ?! Oh well.

But this is how language changes. Especially when you know that the word used to mean one thing, and after 10 years another.


I believe that the "Dunaevs" and others like them should somehow educate their customers or something. Garbage to clean up after their fishermen or organize raids to clean up the shores.

Congratulations this year to the victories and achievements of Vadim Mikhailovsky, Evdokimov Danil (our “son of the regiment”), Boyarintsev Dmitry and Tolkachev Alexei and Ivan, “Red and Ravelich”, and also our PAL sheep with the achievements of the year.

PHOTO from fishing (summer is coming)

Previous versions of the behavior of the results here – 2016 – 2017 – 2018

Thanks for attention. NNCH and great happiness in personal life.

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