The unpredictable Kumiyoki River!

My short trip to Finland ended. Thanks to my friends Eric and Anton for the great fishing company. More than 300 photos were taken, but still they cannot convey the sensations that you experience in nature. The guys were there for the first time and I was worried how they would like it here. Especially fishing. And fishing is unpredictable here. I’ve been traveling here for 10 years, but each time the river seems to be new.

So this time, having approached the shore, I realized that fishing would be unusual. The level in the river fell by almost a meter. From a strong and full-flowing river, it turned into a river similar in Russia. Remains, rapid currents, wide spills, depths, holes, but the power that lived in it did not become.

Any fisherman will find his hobby on Kumiyoki. Feeder, trolling, track, spinning, fly fishing, bobber – each has its own corner. By species of fish, I no longer saw such diversity together: pike, pike perch, asp, chub, rudd, perch, bream, bream, roach, bleak, chub, trout, trout, salmon, eel ……..

Everything is unpredictable here. You can catch a trophy, or you can catch a lot of little things, and in every visit you need to look for your fish and rest against something monotonous. The guys and I went for trout, trout and salmon, but the river made its own adjustments. Nothing happened with us with the little red one. On the rapids, on the rapids, in the pits there was not a single bite. Not a cast, not a ballerina with a fly, not a track – nothing. Anton and Eric saw only one leap of salmon for all time. On my doorstep, I honestly tried to get a trout into iron wobblers – not a bite. It seems that the fish fell on a distant cordon.

But on the other hand, I managed to purposefully catch asp, chub and zander. Pike and perch always took, but there were no very large trophies. We took a part of ourselves for food, and so we all caught according to the catch-let-go principle. And it's fun and you know that next year all the fish caught will grow up and again will please the fishermen.

I'll write about the rest later, but for now the first photos.

Author – Oleg Britov


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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