The proper cultivation of the maggots at home

Maggot is a very good universal bait. Every angler has heard about it, and most use it on almost every fishing. This bait is widely used, especially when fishing peaceful fish. The maggot is not simply float tackle, but also gum, donkey, etc. maggots can sometimes be found even medium-sized predators. Also, this bait is often used in baits. However, not everywhere you can find such nozzle, Yes it is not cheap. It therefore raises the question, why buy if you can grow it.

Each fisherman has their own methods, knowledge and approaches, therefore, it should be noted that this guide is possible, but not the only method of cultivation in the home of maggots. Of course, if you’re a bit squeamish, then you more suitable for fishing for carp or fishing for peas.

How to grow maggots at home:

The first thing it will require for growing maggots is meat or fish. Fresh or not, doesn’t matter, stale even better most importantly, it was raw. The most simple and not too expensive method is just to catch somewhere in the fish in advance and make on its basis the maggots, the majority of fishermen do so. The next thing you will need for breeding maggots is any capacity. In this case, such a capacity will serve a two-liter plastic bottle.

First, the bottle is cut into two parts across. It turns out the lower part in the form of glass and the upper part in the form of a watering can. Then you need to Unscrew the plug with a “watering can”, because it is not required. Now you need to flip upside down this part and insert in the bottom part of the bottle (after you pour in the bottom part of the bottle a little sand or sawdust). Then put on top of the fish, which was prepared in advance and take a few hours to bask in the sun (indoors leave should not be, because there will be a strong smell). After simply to wait.

Flies attracted by the smell of fish, lay eggs, and from them in a few days will the larvae of maggots. They grow by eating fish. Maggots as eating fish will fall in the sawdust at the bottom of the bottle through the open neck. When the whole fish is eaten, and all the maggots will be on the bottom in sand or sawdust, need to pour it into another container and put on top of another fish. The number of feedings depends on the number of maggots. Got to wait for the maggots to grow to the required size, then wash it, pour into a clean container of fresh sawdust, and after that you can go fishing (there can capture attractants). About storing maggots and the method of painting read on this page.

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