The pike fishing to trolling – where and when to catch?

For starters, let’s see what is catching fish by trolling. Trolling is a method of fishing in which the fisherman is at a swimming facility, equipped with a motor. If no motor, then this method is called “track”.

The content of the article:

  • Pike fishing trolling
  • Where to find pike?
  • The advantages of trolling with the following:

    • bait, often artificial (lures, spinners, spinnerbait), is constantly in the water;
    • fishing occurs not in certain areas, and almost all the reservoir;
    • this method allows you to use one spinning and two or three at a time (the spinning needs to be with a comfortable grip, and its length must not exceed 2.5 metres).

    Always remember that the success of fishing to trolling is to bait or multiple baits moved with a certain velocity and at the desired depth, for effective play in the selected area.

    Pike fishing trolling

    If you want to catch this predator, as bait, is better to use proven spinners, or crankbaits, and not to neglect the fishing for live bait. Referring to artificial lures, selecting them, pay attention to their color. Most prefer a natural, like a small river fish – a roach or bleak, however, in some cases, catchability is the bait with bright color.

    To catch this fish can be almost any major body of water as small ponds often freeze completely in winter.

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