The law on fishing in the USSR. It used to be better?

The law on fishing in the USSR. It used to be better? It turns out the rules themselves have not changed at all; they have written identical rules as after editing. So what has changed? Changed the amount of fines, which are now much more than the previous ones. Previously, recommendations were spelled out, which stated that small caught fish should be released back into the reservoir, but the inspectors had never personally made any comments on this and did not measure the caught fish. After all, no one paid attention that with the main catch you managed to catch a couple of small-sized pike perches or a couple of pike that did not reach the allowed parameters. The rules of 2014 also stipulated that it is possible to catch bream and their smaller individuals from 5 to 10 kilograms, depending on the region where you live. Actually it is quite a lot. The new rules spelled the same, the placed number of kilograms you need to catch is not reduced. Previously, back in the eighties, under the USSR, it was possible to catch even less than now, only 10 podleschiki. This is a very small amount for all the fishing, with good clever, they could be fished out in just half an hour. And what to do next? This is a very short fishing! Just got a taste and going home? It takes more time to prepare for fishing! Usually fishermen continued to catch on. This continued until the inspectors began to fine, going to check on the most popular places. More often than not, anglers were taken when they were going home with a good catch. Of course, the inspector saw the violations were a protocol. At that time, there were no means of communication, so they could not even warn their fishing colleagues. At that time, many received fines for catching more than they should. At that time, for each bream caught above the norm, the fisherman had to pay 2 rubles. Sometimes it was considered not only bream, but also a thickener for violations. They are very similar in appearance to bream. And the inspectors did not intend to consider what the fish were for.

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