The gas spray will not freeze. Life hack for winter fishing

Hello! In general, there is such a thing – I decided to try the advice of one who had been on the Internet before the New Year. We are talking about how to prevent freezing tourist gas spray on winter fishing. I think many have encountered such a problem?

You put the burner, set it on fire, it takes 10-15 minutes and it almost goes out … How to describe this from the point of view of physics, I will not tell you. But there is a great way – how to prevent it!

What to do in order not to freeze gas in a tourist can?

First, I’ll tell you about the option one, which caused me doubt, so I have not tried it. Maybe someone did this, unsubscribe in the comments.

The essence of this method is that the can is lowered into a container of water.

This is what it looks like.

In this case, the entire "heating" system works! Water prevents the gas in the cylinder from freezing. Profit! However, I more believed the second method, which I want to talk about.

The secret is that the canister heats up not only the tent, but also itself! How it works? There are two options. I chose the first one.

Take an ordinary spoon for shoes, on a spray can and tie it.

Here it is tied with electrical tape, I tied it with steel wire, since the electrical tape in the cold is stony.

The ear of the spoon should be where the fire is near the burner. He warms her, and she, in turn, is the spray can itself. The heat cycle in a cylinder!

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Well, another move is a thick copper wire.

And then someone came up with a plate to wrap copper. Squandering!

The cylinder turns around and the end of the wire, like a spoon, into fire. The wire warms up and warms up the balloon.

Both options – the gas will constantly warm up and will not freeze. Such are the things!

If anyone heard of something else, tell me! I wonder what else is in this direction.