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In a week, the Nizhny Novgorod championship in spinning fishing from the shore will be held on the Rowing Channel, so I decided to train a little on this pond. Honestly, the place to catch is not the best. Dense carpet of water lilies along the entire coast, through which it is almost impossible to drag pecked fish. Even the bait on a thin leash of fluorocarbon, clinging to the thick stem of the water lily, almost always remains on it. And approaches to water are not in every sector. Yes, and the fish do not understand what's going on. Where is the whole perch? Did the rowing competition scare him? According to the results of two training sessions, I had only 6 perches caught and about 15 gatherings. The result did not inspire, and the mood was below the plinth. If this goes further, then it is easy to gather bagels in the final protocol.

In the evening, as a psychological rehabilitation, I took my sremchik and decided to walk along the home river. This is where the infusion relax! I’m not talking about baits] Okuni pecked at almost every throw, and the gatherings could be counted on the fingers. In addition, there were no cliffs, and most importantly there was no this nymphae bog! For a couple of hours, I caught a few dozen little redfish perch and a couple of weighty ones, plus a bite of asp right at the feet on the exhaustion, but he didn’t catch a little hook. After such therapy, moral strength immediately appeared and the former confidence returned, let's try again to take the Rowing Canal by storm!


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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