The all-terrain vehicle "TYPHOON" – the assistant to the fisherman


Dear fishermen, are you looking at yourself a similar technique, but the price tag for it is space? Then you absolutely definitely need to get to know the Typhoon all-terrain vehicle more closely.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

This is a four-wheel side-turn tubeless all-terrain vehicle-swamp, which was created specifically for fishermen and hunters looking for comfort and reliability, appreciating safety and ease of management, but not ready to overpay for all this!

Meet by clothes

To get started, evaluate its off-road qualities that are demonstrated in this short video.

Do you know why it is called a universal all-terrain vehicle? Because it can easily replace 6 models of special equipment:

ATV It will pass on almost any terrain.
Snowmobile Almost unhindered in snowy places.
Amphibian. With ease floats on water.
Tractor. Suitable for snow removal, work in the country and in the garden.
Swamp Walker. Wetlands are an easy walk for him.
House on wheels. Suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and tourism.

And now let's take a closer look at the characteristics of this handsome man.

5 reasons to buy the Typhoon all-terrain vehicle

"Typhoon all-terrain vehicle: wheeled, tubeless, walkable, lightweight, comfortable, roomy, reliable, fast, floating, warm, modern, mobile, ergonomic …". And this is not all the benefits of this swamp.

Reason number 1. Roomy and autonomous.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

The Typhoon all-terrain vehicle, despite its small size, is very roomy. The cabin has 4 beds, a safe for weapons and many drawers for things. The autonomy of the all-terrain vehicle is provided by the Webasto interior heater and 3 batteries, of which 2 are reserve.

Reason number 2. Comfortable and ergonomic.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

Interior and exterior paneling is made of composite aluminum; interior trim can be selected from camouflage fabric or fabric of the customer's choice. The cross-country vehicle was painted with Raptor polymer paint, which has high protective properties.

Reason number 3. Patency.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

Permanent 4×4 drive, each wheel creates traction, no differentials. The wheels are inflated in 25 seconds, which makes it possible to adjust the tire pressure while driving. This low-pressure tire all-terrain vehicle is one of the few all-terrain vehicles that can drive on ice.

Reason number 4. Reliable transmission.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

The all-terrain vehicle uses a cardan, not a chain drive. Very reliable transmission, damping coupling on the cardan reduces the main shock loads. Reliability of a design is increased by onboard wheel reducers located in an oil bath. Main gear used from military equipment.

Reason number 5. Transportable.

All-terrain vehicle TYPHOON

Very easily and affordably drives onto a car trailer and is smoothly transported over very long distances.

Consult and buy

After everything you have read and seen, you will probably want to know – where and how can you get such a faithful companion for fishing?

Write an email – [email protected]
Get advice by phone – +7 812 629-15-55
Get more information on the manufacturer's website –

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