Test drive sets: spinning + reel from SibBear

Hello to all enthusiastic fishing process. In early August I received a test kit

Spinning Sibbear Fullrange 702MLF, 5-25 gr. + SibBear Arowana 2000 coil.

Tested on three fishing methods: jig, diverting to perch and throwing on a turntable.

Looking ahead, I’ll say for a budget package quite worthy of money and quality, now in order.

At first, it was not possible to rearrange the handle on the reel under the right hand, although I’m right-handed, but as I learned from the beginning, I throw it, but then I worked harder and things went. It was a little disappointing that the braid did not fit into the declared place on the spool, but on the whole the coil worked fine, I think that it should work for a long time without good overloads.

As for the blank, the Pts stick is sensitive, it seemed to me more suitable for catching on the bypass or carolina and jig, but with weights closer to a smaller test. Compared with famous manufacturers, which are present in the tube, it is much softer.

For trophies, he took a pair of pimples for bluffox 3 and 4 numbers, proved himself to be worthy when playing, specially raised it on the shore, the stick bends perfectly, as it should, did not break.

Of the negative points, I would note that there is no lug on the form above the handle for hooking the spinners.

In general, the review is positive, I recommend novice anglers before choosing expensive brands.

Good luck to everyone fishing, active and greasy trophies.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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