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Opening of the winter season 2020

Opening of the winter season 2020.

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Catchy Homemade Spinner on Zander

For successful fishing of pike perch from ice spinners you need a lot of different. Fanged in the winter is often capricious, and the fishing…

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Where to catch zander in the summer

Sudak is a large river predator that is famous for its gastronomic qualities. The minimum number of bones and tasty meat make it a favorite…

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In December for zander

December for zander. [TagsToTranslate] #Sprut

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Evening, Friday, Zander 20/12/19

Evening, Friday, 20/12/19 zander. [TagsToTranslate] Black Hole

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The best winter spinners for zander

Content It is quite difficult for those who just discover fishing for pike perches in winter to not get lost in needles and acne, tubes…

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How to catch capricious zander in the Gulf of Finland

If you decide to dive headlong into the search for zander on the Gulf of Finland, then most likely you will encounter a number of…

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Behind the zander 2019 2020 with Frankenstein

In anticipation of the coming winter, he preoccupied with the modernization of the fishing rod, already created last winter, which he called Frankenstein. List of…

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Finding Zander

Someone appreciates pike perch for tasty meat, but I prefer to taste its bite - impudent, angry, impetuous ... All the directories say that the…

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Search for zander at the mouth of Kama

Despite the calendar autumn and very low water levels, the Kuibyshev reservoir lives according to the summer schedule. In any case, at the mouth of…