Feb 11, 2021Latest news

Where does the ruff “stand”?

There is probably no fisherman who would not know this prickly, lively midget. Anglers have different attitudes to the ruff. With a bad bite, and even if there are few fish in the reservoir, then the ruff tribe goes with…

Feb 22, 2020It's wonderful

What are these black dots on the fish? Where do they come from and what harm can a person do?

It's no secret that from year to year the ecology of not only our country, but the whole world, is getting worse and worse. All living creatures appear previously unknown diseases and mutations. Fish is no exception. And the spread…

Feb 19, 2020Latest news

Where to look for pike in winter

In contrast to the “summer” methods of fishing for pike from ice are not diverse. Mostly it’s sheer gait and fishing for lapdogs. But there are plenty of nuances. You need to know them in order not only to make…

Jan 01, 2020Latest news

Where to catch zander in the summer

Sudak is a large river predator that is famous for its gastronomic qualities. The minimum number of bones and tasty meat make it a favorite hunting object for spinning people. Today we will consider how to catch this fish in…

Jul 29, 2019It's wonderful

Where did the pike perch go?

Last month, my partner and I drove to Svir, where I tested the new spinning Suatain AX on local pike and pike perch. That day seemed to me not the best for fishing, despite the fact that the pike perch…

Oct 21, 2018Informational

What bait to catch trout and where to find it?

Very diverse underwater world of Russia, but every avid fisherman knows that in the Ural and Siberian waters are filled with king-fish, whose name is trout. As relatives, this fish is a predator. She has a narrow elongated body (more…)

Oct 07, 2018Informational

Spring bass fishing – how, where and what to catch him?

To start perch fishing is possible in early spring as soon as ice will descend, and the water is slightly warm. To catch a fish you can without difficulty even in the case of muddy water. The main thing to…

Sep 23, 2018Informational

The pike fishing to trolling – where and when to catch?

For starters, let's see what is catching fish by trolling. Trolling is a method of fishing in which the fisherman is at a swimming facility, equipped with a motor. If no motor, then this method is called “track”. The content…

Aug 30, 2018Informational

Where and when is the best time to fish on the river?

Many fishermen will agree that it is easier to catch a fish in lake, pond or other place with stagnant water than to catch on the river with a rapid current. Therefore, fishing on the river worthy of attention, and…

Aug 26, 2018Informational

Where and when is the best time to catch carp on corn?

Very well when fishing for carp proven canned corn in metal cans. You need to pay attention to when choosing corn for fishing on the size of the corn. It must be solid and as large as possible, and while…