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Light tackle – enviable trophies

Currently, among magazine publications, one can increasingly find materials on ultralight gear. Indeed, is it always necessary to double or triple margin of safety? Especially…

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We choose fishing tackle in Karelia. Spinning selection

Together with Maxim Efimov we choose the most suitable spinning for fishing on Karelian lakes. .

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Tackle and catch perch on the first light. Part 2

Bait As a rule, when catching a perch, small baits are used: spinners up to 4–5 cm in size and the same balancers. For active…

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Tackle and catch perch on the first light. Part 1

As you know, the first light almost always begins in small ponds. Here the main fish in the catch will surely be the perch. Moreover,…

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Tackle for heavy jig selection and recommendations

Serious fishing, heavy jig, entails when choosing a gear for heavy jig Increased loads make tackle work wearily with a constant risk of breakage from…

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Equipment and tackle for catching roach on the first ice

Roach is a fairly common fish in most waters of our latitudes, and bite it all year round, unlike some other species of fish that…

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How to make zakidushku carp and carp with their hands, description of tackle and how to catch her

Donkey well suited for carp carp fishing. You can do a simple variation of the bottom gear – zakidushki. Such a donok fished as a…

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Catching carp on the Donk: the construction tackle, bait, fish finder

For successful catching carp in its natural habitat it is to prepare tackle, your tips, patience and endurance. Big fish, ranging from 5-8 kg, resists…

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Fishing for carp in the spring: where to fish and with what tackle?

In the spring, after the melting of ice, fish leave their wintering holes and begin to feed up before spawning. Carp come in motion when…

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The pike fishing on the Donk – a selection of tackle and live bait fishing

To catch a predator in the country in many different ways: on the float rod, spinning, imitation fish, mugs and also at the Donka with…