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Farewell to the summer of 08/31/19

On Saturday, Sanya and I spent the summer in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, sailing in the boat along the swift waters of the chub…

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We enlarge by pike in the summer on a small river

Another fishing in the format of a small river. The last time, a very large pike for those places for 3 kilograms unbent a tee…

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Over the summer I enjoyed the bites

For the first time in the summer, my husband and I drove overnight. On Saturday, after work, we decided to go, and until Sunday evening.…

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In summer at winter points 29/08/19

The other day I visited the south of Moscow, as usual - with a spinning rod. I walked through three relatively new sites (in the…

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Summer party meeting of pikes on a small river

Infrequently on the river in the summer it is possible to find party meetings of pike, this is more typical for autumn. However, this time…

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Pike in the summer in autumn weather

Each time you plan fishing not as the main goal of spending time, but to go out for a couple of hours, yes, no, no…

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Not a summer lake

While the weather is fine on the street, although summers are changing winds and rains, you can go and look for a fanged dog. One…

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Small trout & grayling fishing 07-08 / 06/2019

Over the past couple of months I have accumulated a lot of video material, the processing of which has so far been sorely lacking in…