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Where to catch zander in the summer

Sudak is a large river predator that is famous for its gastronomic qualities. The minimum number of bones and tasty meat make it a favorite…

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Between summer and winter, 11/22/19

Between summer and winter, 11/22/19. [TagsToTranslate] pike perch

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Summer fishing on Sapsho Lake

Sapsho is the largest lake in the territory of the Smolensk Lakeland National Park and one of the most beautiful in all of Central Russia.…

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Summer night behind the fanged

Perhaps summer is the most difficult time for catching zander. In hot weather, even on such a fish river as the Oka, it is possible…

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Summer vagaries of Ikshinsky pike perch

If you have been fishing in one pond for many years, then you get used to it, and when the fish starts to act up,…

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With a feeder in late summer

August is the most favorable month for open water fishing in the near Moscow region. The fish as a whole continues to adhere to the…

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On the middle river in summer

In the summer heat, the fish is naughty and refuses to be caught, the channels are all in the duckweed of grass, there is a…

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Farewell to the summer of 08/31/19

On Saturday, Sanya and I spent the summer in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, sailing in the boat along the swift waters of the chub…

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We enlarge by pike in the summer on a small river

Another fishing in the format of a small river. The last time, a very large pike for those places for 3 kilograms unbent a tee…