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P PAL. Report on the third stage.

P PAL. Report on the third stage. .

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Trout "after party" in Danilovo chip (10/20/2019)

Hello. After swimming in the Oka and the boat jig, I wanted a little relaxation on the trout plate, and to diversify the warm autumn…

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Sudak distribution in Oryol (18+)


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Sudak distribution in the Oryol region? No, have not heard)))

Hello. After the battles with trout a week ago, I was already impatient to jump into the boat with my new garmin echomap 102 ultra…

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He left all the little baits at home and went fishing. Spinning in the fall.

Brothers, hello everyone! Unfortunately this season so far neither I nor any of my friends have caught a more or less normal pike ... It's…

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Hardcore in Danilovo. Frozen trout)))

Hello. On Thursday, I planned a trip to trout in KPx Danilovo on Sunday. My friends called me to Belaya Dacha, but I was not…

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Testing the Garmin Echomap 102 ULTRA

While the main partners in Orel are washing diapers and twisting cucumbers and other family affairs]]]] I decided to go to a home puddle, set…

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He promised his son to catch a pike. Dad can! Spinning fishing.

Often there are fishing trips on which a certain color of lures works. This fishing was just like that. The promise given to my son…

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Understatement of the reservoir. Old, new friends.

After a trip to the Volgograd Reservoir, some understatement remained. They found areas with fish, but its liabilities at the points clearly made it clear…

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500 km is not a hook)))

A mad dog 100 km is not a hook. Shurokan and Seryozha Zhukov 500 km. So today we drove to Yauza. We arrived at the…