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Fishing, overnight and Yushka !!!


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Catching Sudak and pike on foam rubber.

"Foam rubber wind, foam rubber snow And the foam rubber check punched in the store, Foam rain, foam rubber, Foam rubber sun, foam rubber sunset,…

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Sunday walk 08/08/2019

Last Sunday, I devoted several hours to jigging within the city, measuring several kilometers of promenades with the Black Hole Progressor in my hands. Despite…

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Large perch on large bait in strong current conditions. Parking places.

The purpose of fishing was to thoroughly find and learn to catch in a strong current. The section of the river is just suitable for…

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Meeting with fanged or catching zander in the heat!

The penultimate week of July in the Leningrad Region was unusually warm, the sun was warming through Lake Ladoga, and along with the rising water…

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And again a large silicone rescues when searching for a perch.

Spontaneous fishing turned out, but they also said they raised water on Kama. This means that the fish moved from their familiar places and began…

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Opening the fishing season on Saima

A tradition has developed in our company “Prostor”, to open every summer fishing season in Finland on Saima. Svetlana always provides us with the same,…

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Behind the fanged on the Volga.

Being not quite satisfied with the last evening departure to the water, I definitely wanted to half-beat the newly minted Mescalito with a jig and…