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Evening on the lake

I didn’t plan to go fishing, during the day there were many family matters, but I couldn’t sit still, because the weather whispers, the sun…

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Behind a perch in the village

Many of my fishing trips take place on water bodies which are located, although not on a big one, but at a distance from the…

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Zhor perch

Sunny clear days gave way to gloomy and cloudy, sometimes it rains lightly, generally autumn weather. I noticed that at such a time it’s good…

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Jig from the boat. Natural girl worked

After the last fishing on this lake from the shore, I wanted to go fishing more carefully from the boat. The only thing I didn’t…

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Reservoir fishing

All of us fishermen like to fish in large and even huge ponds. For example, on the reservoirs, because there is a very diverse topography,…

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