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Perch from each cast. Microjig fishing

Have a couple of free hours !? it means you need to take a light spinning and go to the nearby pond for a perch,…

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Evening night

Suddenly, a strong cooling began, the water cools, but the fish continues to peck, no matter what. I started fishing from the Vodootvodny Canal, the…

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While a four-wheeled friend is resting, he jumped on a two-wheeled one, and drove wool to nearby rivers and just rolled. .

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Autumn microjig

At work, he freed himself early and knew that I would drive past my favorite pond for microjig fishing. I like the pond because there…

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TRIXBAIT Swing Shad 2.3 – An example of a great perch vibrotail!

Friends, hello everyone! I want to talk about one very interesting "rubber" from the company TRIXBAIT. This is nothing more than a vibratory tail called…

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Pick Picks

Recently, I began to refuse more often a quick search for distributions, well, or just active perches, training selection of keys. In my opinion, this…

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Best sunset of the work week

There has been so much work lately that I don’t even have time to write reports, let alone fishing. If you are lucky to spend…

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Microjigit gathering

This Saturday morning, I was joined by three like-minded people from the Nizhny Novgorod microjig club. Champions of the region and city, and just experienced…