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Jig Against Sheer Spinning! | Fishingsib

On this day ordinary jig fishing was planned.My partner and I were going to get the zander from the boat to the silicone baits. Everything…

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Jig tool.

Jig tool. .

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Complicated autumn, where to look for a predator, is unclear.

Complicated autumn, where to look for a predator, is unclear. .

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By boat to the city 19/10

One weekend last, I suddenly received an invitation from a friend to go fishing, and not just go fishing, but to go jigging from a…

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Micro jig bershee

I decided to spend the last warm days of September on the embankment of Moscow - the river. A window appeared between the pairs, and…

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Overview of casting spinning for jerks and jigs

A small video review of the powerful Jerk fishing rod Surf Master Bakuma Cast from our expert. Universal casting spinning for contact types of fishing:…

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News from Uglich, beginning of October

Uglich fishing this fall is not too happy. Although, most likely, I just missed the most “delicious” time. The fish is present, but the size…

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One day at Lipovskoye Lake!

September 7 on Lipovskoye Lake in the very "heart" of the Kurgolovsky Peninsula was to be held, which has already become traditional, a festival for…

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Fishing on the Vasilievsky Islands. New boat Krafter FishDeck 510 + Yamaha 115

Together with my friends, I went fishing in the waters of the Vasilievsky Islands. Going on this little adventure, we expected to spend a great…

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Competitions Kama Jig 2019

‌ Hello!The day before our competition there was a strong wind, the gusts of which reached 15-16 m / s, I really didn’t want this…