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Summer vagaries of Ikshinsky pike perch

If you have been fishing in one pond for many years, then you get used to it, and when the fish starts to act up,…

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Long-Range Autumn Carp Fishing

Autumn is the time when the crucian fishing zone is increasingly shifting from the coast to great depths, away from the coast. Accordingly, the fly…

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With a feeder in late summer

August is the most favorable month for open water fishing in the near Moscow region. The fish as a whole continues to adhere to the…

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Fishing in Karelia on Lake Syamozero

The end of summer is the time to head north to Karelia. There are berries, mushrooms, and most importantly - great fishing. They gathered, as…

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On the oars for zander

August is drawing to a close. Perch every day more and more actively hunts at the surface, attracting flocks of gulls, and takes it more…

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Carp fishing in early autumn

In the courtyard of September, and in large reservoirs, a wide variety of fish is actively caught. What else would seem to wish for complete…

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Catching asp on reservoirs of the channel them. Moscow

Among fishermen there is a very different people. For some, the main thing is to catch more, so they usually specialize in the fish, which…

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For the fish perch

The humpbacks on the Rybinsk Reservoir, fortunately, were not extinct. In this open water season, they have knocked down in numerous flocks and, more than…

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Wobblers for autumn pike

Indian summer time - the traditional time for fishing a predator with a spinning reel, including pike. The water has not cooled too much, the…

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