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Awning on the boat

A large number of interesting design solutions are presented on the market, and many of them are simply masterpieces of execution. And here is how…

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Search for pike perch and pike at the Yauz reservoir

As everyone knows, with the start of winter cooling, pikeperch, and pike, begin to move from irrigation and coastal dumps to deeper parts of water…

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Crucian whims

Belief in an irresistible miraculous nozzle is characteristic only for those who begin their journey in fishing. Experienced anglers, without denying the need to select…

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First roach fishing

Of all our fish on the first ice, perch and roach are the most numerous and most active for fishermen. Some prefer a perch, trying…

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Review of Mormuscular fishing rods

In winter, fishing for mormyshka is perhaps the most common type of fishing. If in summer fishermen are usually consistent in their “specialization” - say,…

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Fishing in the winter on a small boat. Secrets of fishing.

Fishing in the winter on a small boat. Secrets of fishing. .

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Without waiting for ice

Record-warm weather, established in November on the European side, made life very difficult for anglers who love predator fishing. The main reason was that he…

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Catchy Homemade Spinner on Zander

For successful fishing of pike perch from ice spinners you need a lot of different. Fanged in the winter is often capricious, and the fishing…

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With a rewind on the first ice

There is a persistent stereotype among wintering fishers that bream on the first ice is practically not caught, and begins to be taken only after…

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Useful little things in a fisherman’s boat

I don’t know how others inform the household about plans for another fishing trip, but I usually indicate the area where we plan to fish,…