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Winter suits Alaskan NewPolar and Alaskan Kiana

With the onset of winter, many anglers put off their gear until next spring and remain at home, warm with their memories of past fishing…

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The choice of spinning for specific tasks

The problem of choosing a spinning rod often becomes a headache, and not only for a novice angler. What should be the spinning under certain…

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EVA shoes for fishing

I met EVA boots from personal experience quite recently. It didn’t happen that way because I had any prejudices about these shoes - there simply…

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Closing the open water season in Ladoga

The open water season is nearing completion. On some reservoirs, a ban on fishing under the motor has already entered into force. For fishermen, first…

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Winter Fishing Shoes

Every winter fisherman who has ever been on the ice will surely pose the question of proper equipment. And first of all it will concern…

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Autumn fishing at Vesyegonsky Reach

A short wave of the rod - and a small white twister on a heavy cheburashka disappears into the fog. You can’t see the coast,…

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Night fishing of white fish on the Oka

Fishermen will remember this summer, probably, as not the most successful. The alternation of heat and heavy rain with thunderstorms did not affect the bite…

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Hesitant baubles. Part 2

I love our “crocodile” above all because it really pecks at him really well. At the same time, the bait works perfectly both on uniform…

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Hesitant baubles. Part 1

Everything develops in a spiral. Including such a wonderful pastime as fishing. A good example is fishing on swinging baubles, classic spinning lures. At one…

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Fishing with a fishing rod. Tricky fishing secrets!

Fishing with a fishing rod. Tricky fishing secrets! .