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The main mistake of the fisherman. Feeder Fishing

What is the main thing in fishing? Nozzle, bait, gear? No matter how! The right place. .

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Fishing in Udmurtia!

Caraculino day 1. The trip planned for two months has finally taken place. Most of all on this trip I wanted to meet and chat…

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On Fisherman's Day

It so happened that I was on the Day of the Fisherman from the night shift, I couldn’t get on the water at dawn, but…

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Traditionally in Russia on the second Sunday of July fisherman's Day is celebrated! Usually various fishing competitions with fish soup cooking and festive festivities are…

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Fisherman's Day 07/14/19

The Moscow River on Fisherman's Day modestly bestowed me - catching a chub at the voker, and a few annoying gatherings to boot. On the…

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Silicone for every taste and color. Experienced fisherman reviews about Helios lures

Content                                                           Edible tires for the professional                                                                                       Silicone bait for amateur                                                                                       HELIOS Baits - FREE! Testing for everyone GK "TONAR"…

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On the day of the fisherman we test Evergreen Poseidon Salty Sensation PSSS-82T

Hello. By the day of the fisherman I decided to make myself a present and purchased a medium light premium segment of Evergreen Poseidon Salty…

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Prepare your ear properly — tips and advice the fisherman

In the circle of friends, fishermen campfire of the ear the most delicious and flavorful, but there are a few simple secrets that will help…