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With a feeder in late summer

August is the most favorable month for open water fishing in the near Moscow region. The fish as a whole continues to adhere to the…

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Shallow Water Feeder

As you know, fish often rests on quite distant from the coast, often shallow, well-heated parts of the reservoir. It is not possible to get…

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The main mistake of the fisherman. Feeder Fishing

What is the main thing in fishing? Nozzle, bait, gear? No matter how! The right place. .

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Choice of a feeder for beginners

A person who has a burning desire to master the feeder does not always know where to start, how to choose the right rod, is…

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Sudak feeder party)))

Hello. I wanted to spend the next weekend with an overnight stay and look for a fanged predator. When not at dawn and at night…

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The mouth of Volkhov, Krenitsa base, feeder fishing competition, Volkhov bream, Ladoga pike, nature of the south of Ladoga,

Decade from August 15, I lived at the fishing and hunting base "Krenitsy". There was a vacation. The management of the Base knew that I…

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Carp and crucian on a picker, Fishing in Kutuzovo

Fishing this time was not simple, but rather productive. Carp and crucian carp were capricious, but pecked. Kutuzovo pleased with a good bite and the…

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Former Maximus Interceptor Rod Fishing

Dear colleagues! A few days ago I decided to visit one of the reservoirs located near my house. The reservoir is a former quarry, and…

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Controversial issues of equipment feeder

In the fishing literature, especially in periodicals, one can find a variety of points of view on gear and on their equipment. I want to…

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Useful tips when fishing on a feeder

At the beginning of fishing, usually without even tying a leash, they make a series of baits. After each achievement of the bottom feeder, an…