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Hardcore in Danilovo. Frozen trout)))

Hello. On Thursday, I planned a trip to trout in KPx Danilovo on Sunday. My friends called me to Belaya Dacha, but I was not…

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Testing the Garmin Echomap 102 ULTRA

While the main partners in Orel are washing diapers and twisting cucumbers and other family affairs]]]] I decided to go to a home puddle, set…

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500 km is not a hook)))

A mad dog 100 km is not a hook. Shurokan and Seryozha Zhukov 500 km. So today we drove to Yauza. We arrived at the…

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Fishing with a GUIDE in Surgut (day 6). Weather test

One of the most difficult days turned out on our trip to Siberia. It's been raining all day. Labor fishing, however, about 2 dozens to…

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Sudak feeder party)))

Hello. I wanted to spend the next weekend with an overnight stay and look for a fanged predator. When not at dawn and at night…

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Sibirian pike`s (Fishing with a GUIDE in Surgut 3 and 5 days). Ob and ducts.

Perhaps the turning point in trips to the Ob to Vladimir Zinchenko. After this distribution, we simply don’t have a desire to catch on the…

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August and pike perch on the Kurchatov reservoir.

Hello. I decided to take the second part of the vacation in contrast to an almost domestic reservoir in the Kursk region. First with the…

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1-2 days trip to Surgut on the river. Ob. Visiting Vladimir Zinchenko.

You can say intelligence before the battle]]] Fishing in Surgut with a Guide. The first 2 days of our weekly epic. Enjoy watching. 18+ .

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Night Street Fishing 08/18/09

A couple of days later, I decided to repeat with a sortie to my points in the center of Moscow, and I must say, given…