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A percussion day in Surgut (unpublished)

Perch day in Surgut (unpublished). (TagsToTranslate) relaxrussia (t) relax (t) relax_team_Russia

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The first day of winter is all on ice! We carry the perch

The first day of winter is all on ice! We haul the perch. [TagsToTranslate] fishing

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Parrot day

Parrot Day. [TagsToTranslate] winter fishing

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Crystal water lake. One day in the national park. Fishing, berries, mushrooms.

Sometimes you just want to take a walk, slowly catch a fish, see mushrooms, berries. It is in places like National Park that you fully…

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One day at Lipovskoye Lake!

September 7 on Lipovskoye Lake in the very "heart" of the Kurgolovsky Peninsula was to be held, which has already become traditional, a festival for…

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Red Tailed Wobblers Day

Today after lunch I decided to visit a small chub rivulet again. The weather was a little gloomy, and there was a feeling that the…

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The bait of the day!

After an unsuccessful three-day fishing in the Tver region, they decided to take revenge on the Ruze. Places are better studied, and there are more…

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At sea after a rainy day

In general, today I planned to spend a day on the river in search of a chub, but alas, the weather changed my plans. In…

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Vologda. Day 3. Conclusion.

Morning 3 days. Lastly, we decide to punch the chub once more at all the same rifts. With "grayling" our "conversation" is completed, I wanted…

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September 7, 2019 in the Leningrad region was a colorful holiday "Day of the hunter - 2019". The holiday was held under the leadership of…