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Turntables and chub

Today I again got out to the river to drive the chub. The situation on the water is the same - the level is high,…

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For chubby high water

Today I made another exit to the chub rivulet. Two days ago there was quite a strong and prolonged rain; this, of course, was reflected…

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CHUB FISHING with SOULS Explorer Trout Finalist TF-E56ULS

There are spinning rods that fall in love with the first fishing. My acquaintance with SOULS Explorer Trout Finalist TF-E56ULS was just that. Now this…

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Passive chub and dip rolls

Waking up in the morning today, I immediately realized that the weather was changing, and the change was not for the better. Yes, there were…

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Fishing, overnight and Yushka !!!


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On moose with ultralight))

Strange out fishing. It all started quite normally, with the search for chub sites on a forest river. But meeting with the shoky is apparently…

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Behind a chub on muddy water

Yesterday it rained for half a day, and there were great doubts about the successful outcome of today's fishing on the river. But it so…

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Alloy 07/09/19

Photo report from the rafting held last Saturday. The chub was caught mediocre, but it was possible to photograph the work of the 702nd Eria…

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With wobblers for chub

Today I continued to study the chub rivers. In the morning, having done all the necessary things, I went to a new river. An hour…

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With ultralight for chub

After the northern adventures of micro-river fishing for charuts and trout with ultralight twig Allux Area S6, I tried its capabilities on more serious fish.…