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We choose fishing tackle in Karelia. Spinning selection

Together with Maxim Efimov we choose the most suitable spinning for fishing on Karelian lakes. .

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Choose a costume together

Before they blinked, a good half of the summer of the nineteenth year was left behind, and as often happens in our region, the air…

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Pencil or snake. What does a pike choose?

Hello. I missed the vivid attacks of pikes on topwaters, and so one of the days of the last fishing I devoted to catching pikes…

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How to choose a spinning reel? Sad mistakes beginners

Content                                                           Spinning reel selection                                                                                       Three mistakes beginner spinningists                                                                                  First                                                                                       The second                                                                                       Third                                                                                                            How…

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How to choose the right clothing for fishing

Table of contents Thermoactive membraneAdditional functions of clothingWinter clothesThe spinning or "coast" flyfishingSpring clothesSummer clothingSpinningsLovers of bottom fishingAutumn clothing Weather — windy, Sunny, rainy, frosty…

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How to choose the flavours and attractants for carp and carp

The basis of successful fishing for carp or carp – is the attractive bait that the fish can't refuse. That is why in modern conditions…

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Choose a reel for carp fishing/carp

Quality reliable reel is one of the most important conditions for the success of carp fishing . If you are going to catch very small…

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How to choose a tent for winter fishing?

Winter fishing is one of the most exciting pastimes for those who are resistant to severe frost and has the patience to sit in one…

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How to choose braided line for spinning for pike

Braid, or cord is a monofilament, which consists of several individual fibers. Due to this structure, it has a number of advantages compared to the…