Feb 15, 2021Latest news

Winter bream fishing. Part 3

How to feed bream Feeding bream when fishing from ice is somewhat different from feeding in open water. The fact is that cold water under the ice, no higher than 4 ° C, dictates its own conditions. The metabolic process…

Feb 10, 2021Latest news

Winter bream fishing. Part 1

Many anglers like to catch bream from the ice, especially on the last ice. Sometimes they jokingly declare that for the sake of wilting bream they are ready to do anything, even swim in ice water. But the point, of…

Jun 05, 2020Latest news

Bream for fishing on a small river

The capture of bream over a kilogram is usually associated with bottom fishing, or fishing in large and deep water bodies. This, however, is a controversial opinion. In my practice, I managed to catch the largest bream, weighing 2-3 kg,…

May 30, 2020Latest news

With a feeder behind a river bream

The bream can reach a decent size, even in the reservoirs near Moscow bream 35-40 cm long and weighing 1-2 kg is not uncommon. There are more solid specimens - up to 3 and more kilograms. In December last year,…

Mar 04, 2020Latest news

With feeder for bream in winter. Part 2

Seat selection The next important component of successful fishing on the feeder is the choice of place. The bream prefers deep places, so you need to look for holes. But they catch, as a rule, not at the greatest depths,…

Mar 03, 2020Latest news

With feeder for bream in winter. Part 1

In some reservoirs of large industrial cities and in their environs, ice does not rise during the whole winter, and you can fish here with summer gear all year round. An example of such a reservoir is the Moscow River…

Feb 18, 2020Latest news

Bait for bream

The main drawback of ready-made bream (as, indeed, of all others) baits is that the angler is forced to take the manufacturer’s word for word, having no idea about the specific components of the package contents. You can purchase a…

Sep 11, 2019Latest news

Behind the trophy bream

A bream, as you know, is a bottom fish, and it would be unreasonable not to use feeder gear to catch it. The bream (scavenger) inhabits both in lakes with practically stagnant water and small rivers with a slow flow,…

Nov 19, 2018Informational

How to catch bream on a winter’s night

The most "delicious" schools of bream come out at night (more…)

Oct 20, 2018Informational

Feeder fishing for bream – feeding, feeders and tooling

Many fishermen just love to catch bream, as it is quite large and tasty fish that is found in flocks, in both lakes and rivers. In form, the body of bream broad and flattened, so as to distinguish it from…