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THIS IS FISHING! ZHOR FISH. DREAM, NOT FISHING. Crazy bite. Fishing from a boat

Soon the first ice, and I pull the carp onto the fly fishing rod from the boat. Lucky went fishing, got a lot of fun.…

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FISHING. BIT ONE THROW ONLY! Autumn fishing on carp from a boat

He arrived fishing late at 10 o’clock, because an accident happened on the road, they broke a wheel on a car. But this did not…

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Again closed by the non-nozzle from the boat)))

All to everyone. It seems we closed on Saturday, the 19th. But they closed, we closed yesterday 10.24.19. The same boat NDND, the same engine,…

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By boat to the city 19/10

One weekend last, I suddenly received an invitation from a friend to go fishing, and not just go fishing, but to go jigging from a…

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Krafter FD 470 – aluminum boat for relaxation and fishing!

Friends, here is my new video. In this video, I tried to make the most comprehensive review of our new Samara boats Krafter. If I…

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Closing the fishing rod from the boat

Have a good monday. I would like to tell about the next trip to the Gorky Vdhr. last Saturday. Since my boat is not ready…

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Carp fishing on a side nod from a boat

Rhode pods with Karpoviks ceased to amaze anglers not only in the Moscow Region, but also hundreds of kilometers from the capital. If the reservoir…

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Fishing on the Vasilievsky Islands. New boat Krafter FishDeck 510 + Yamaha 115

Together with my friends, I went fishing in the waters of the Vasilievsky Islands. Going on this little adventure, we expected to spend a great…

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What is in my boxes? Boat Lure Bags

Friends, this time I decided to tell you and show what and in what I take to the boat. The result was a small overview…