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Is bait size important?

Is bait size important? .

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And I go with Itumo around Moscow # 2 26/10

The water temperature in the Moscow River is rapidly falling, algae die off and are carried by brown beams downstream. The time is coming, depressing…

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And I go with Itumo around Moscow 24/10

At the end of last week I managed to drop into the center to go fishing there in a pleasant company. The weather was great,…

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By boat to the city 19/10

One weekend last, I suddenly received an invitation from a friend to go fishing, and not just go fishing, but to go jigging from a…

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News from Uglich, beginning of October

Uglich fishing this fall is not too happy. Although, most likely, I just missed the most “delicious” time. The fish is present, but the size…

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He left all the little baits at home and went fishing. Spinning in the fall.

Brothers, hello everyone! Unfortunately this season so far neither I nor any of my friends have caught a more or less normal pike ... It's…

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He promised his son to catch a pike. Dad can! Spinning fishing.

Often there are fishing trips on which a certain color of lures works. This fishing was just like that. The promise given to my son…

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Capturing perch on Itumo Bite 50SP

A long time ago I was not involved in video, but meanwhile - a lot of material has accumulated! I'll start with a short clip…

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We catch trout on popper

A small story about how I caught trout popping on FishPark. The work of the new Black Hole Eria 602 blank with a test of…

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Fishing Survival. 24 hours on the river. Night in the forest. Spinning fishing

Friends, please see my next adventure I was always attracted to the topic of survival, and finally I decided :] This time I did not…